The Forgotten Things

Throughout my day, I buzz nonstop. There is always something to do, someone to care for. At night, when I reflect back on what I did or did not accomplish, I always find it hard to summarize what happened. Because really, what did I do? Anything worthwhile? Anything that matters?  It seems that my daily […]

To the Tired Mom

Nap times didn’t coincide today, did they? Ours didn’t either. In fact, as my baby drifted off to sleep, finally, his big brother popped his head up with a cheeky grin. “O-ana?” “No, no Moana right now, sweetie,” I said, patting his back and trying to coax him back into slumber before he was too awake. […]

On Being Thirty

Once the boys are in bed I usually sneak into Jemma’s room for some girl talk. We snuggle in the dark and she says sweet little things like, “Isn’t my bed the most comfortable, beautiful bed you’ve ever seen?” and “Did you know my name backwards is A-M-M-E-J?” and “While I was waiting for you […]

Full, Not Busy

It’s the first hours of August 1st, a new month, a busy month around here. I technically haven’t closed out July because I haven’t gone to bed yet, but nonetheless, a new month is here. Hello August! There was a time in my life when I dreaded Sunday nights. The beginning of a week, felt so […]

Yogi I Am Not

It’s been two years since my last yoga class. Actually, it feels like yesterday, but that’s how things go with little people running your life – time flies at warp speed while oddly moving at a sluggish pace too. Irony. Anyways, I marched myself to Happy Hour yoga last Friday expecting a little stretch, relaxation […]

Mom Date | Divergent “Review”

Today’s post is a collaboration between the bestie, Leah, and I. We’ve been writing together for a long time. I mean, long before real blogs we “blogged” via email and letters. Worthless banter that made us smile and usually laugh. This post falls into both the worthless and laughable category. Hence, you’ll probably really like […]

So Many Things

It’s been such a long time since I’ve word dumped a big ol’ life update. So, here goes … Life is so full right now. So full and so beautiful. Jemma and Max are awesome – like, I really enjoy just being with them. Which, yes, means there have been seasons where I have not […]

The Twelve

  A few years ago a friend and I had a long, thoughtful conversation about maintaining relationships. Well, more so, about how difficult it is to maintain relationships; especially once you’re married and have children. I couldn’t have agreed more. Once family life infiltrates daily happenings friends can easily be swept under the rug with […]

Sometimes It’s Ok To Quit

If you follow me on Pinterest or Instagram you’ve probably seen some hints of our homeschooling kick off. But wait, doesn’t Jemma attend preschool? Is Gretchen in some super school mode juggling both preschool and homeschool in the New Year? Nope. Jemma quit preschool. Let me explain … At first I felt somewhat guilty about […]