Jemma the Inchworm and Recent Reads

Jem is living up her tummy time right now. She is starting to do this silly inchworm thing where she buries her head into the ground and sticks her booty in the air, then wiggles like crazy in an attempt to scoot around. We are so far from having a baby proof house. Slow down baby girl! Hopefully I can get video of her moves soon.
In other news, here are some of my recent reads I felt were worth sharing …
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    I used this book for our baby food making. =)It's simple, explains why and how and it has nice pictures. haha Good luck!Cooking for Baby: Wholesome, Homemade, Delicious Foods for 6-18 Months by Lisa Barnes

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    Hey. Glad you liked the mobile :)I love looking at your beautiful blog and gorgeous little girl.

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    Hi, just wanted to say thanks for linking to us in your beautiful blog. I'm so glad you're interested in Play-based learning. It's a whole lot of fun and really the most natural way for children to learn. I just posted my 10 reasons to love Play-based learning if you wanted to pop by and have a look.