Play Room Magnet Board

Have you seen all the darling magnet sets in Target’s Dollar Spot? Technically they’re $3 … but still, not a bad deal! I grabbed a car set, a space set, and a princess/unicorn set for my kids and then realized that our fridge is the only magnet surface in the house. Tiny problem, because, as […]

In Case of Emergency

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mom to Mom.  Have you read the news lately? Animals fleeing Yellowstone due to a potential volcano eruption! It caught my attention, especially since we could be in the secondary ash zone. That, plus my affinity for dystopia and end of the world novels […]

The Eco Friendly Home – Tips + Tricks to Save Energy

Thank you to Direct Energy for sponsoring today’s post, and encouraging me to share tips for a smarter home! #DEsmarthome Oh, home ownership.  It’s been a real trip … the non drug variety, something we looked forward to for YEARS and saved for for many more years. And now we’ve hit the one year mark. […]

Max’s Corner

Since I was pregnant with Max we have moved 3 times. That means he didn’t get all the pomp and circumstance of a nursery to welcome him into the world. He did get a pretty awesome family though so I don’t think he is complaining much :) Plus, since we tend to cosleep or bedshare […]


Coveting / / / these. Imagining / / / a world where DIYs happened much quicker and with less effort than they do in real life. Asking / / / why I stay up so late. I mean, 11:15, Gretchen? Really? Why are you up? Oh, that’s right … season 3 of Pretty Little Liars […]

Progress & Permanence

Lately we’ve accomplished a few projects that are really making us feel settled. It has been coming slowly because we’ve been doing other boring house things like installing a garage door opener, addings window screens, placing curtain rods, buying appliances (also known as necessary money pits) and having a front door peep hole added. It’s […]

Home Sweet Home

Buying a home ain’t no simple thing. Most days I’m still reeling a bit that this place is actually ours. I mean, aren’t we mere 20 year old love birds just graduating from college? Oh, no, that’s right, we’re turning 27 this year and have added two bambinos to our clan! Awhile back I mentioned […]

I Write At Night

Lately, bed time has been like clock work around here. Pajamas, teeth, stories, Bible, prayers, milk and then lights out. Max at 7pm and Jem by 7:30pm. It’s glorious. We’re raising little sleep lovers around these parts. Once everyone is tucked in Dominic begins a house project or snuggles himself onto the couch and I […]

Seven Years

A good friend of mine posted this Q&A thread from Apartment Therapy on Facebook this week and boy, was it exactly what I needed to read. Cause we’re in the big, gorgeous house now and it feels empty and cluttered with boxes and we’re holding off on blinds (sorry neighbors) and other purchases until we […]

Late Night Babbling IN OUR NEW HOME & a Target Giveaway

Oh my heavens. I am drowning in boxes. And a teething baby. And I can’t find any of our towels. Yay. Moving is pure craziness! Don’t get me wrong, all kinds of good crazy, but I keep reminding myself that it’s going to take time to settle. And that’s ok because this is our home […]