Post-Baby Mama Must Haves

These are the products I’m loving these days … Baja Fresh has these huge cups with lids. I used mine all through labor (see above nightstand) and have continued to keep it full and by my side. Gotta stay hydrated while nursing! Finally discovered my favorite nursing bra … Bravado Bliss.       Flannel […]

Cloth Nursing Pads

I ordered some bamboo/wool cloth nursing pads with a hemp middle. They are supposed to be amazingly absorbant and easy to just hand wash each evening. Do you have any experience with cloth nursing pads … or nursing pads in general. How many should I have on hand? Help us reach the first page on […]

Baby Gear, My oh my

I’ve tried to be a minimalist with baby “stuff”. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m doing a very good job :( In the beginning I had planned to just get a large purse for my and baby’s things. But seeing how full my own purse gets I can’t imagine fitting in baby’s things too. So, yes, […]

Mama Must Haves: Gowns

One of the Andaluz Mamas recommended gowns for baby to help with those late night diaper changes. This is one baby item I’m definitely on the hunt for.I’m pretty sure I found this gown on Etsy somewhere … forgot the shop so if it’s yours or you know the creator please comment :)I love the […]