Bottle Drama

Jemma and I are getting ready for my transition back to work next month (sad face). With this comes some bottle drama. We introduced a bottle to her around 5 weeks and she seemed to do fine. Since I know she can take one, I stopped consistently giving her one. Bad idea. Now she fights it like crazy and it seems we are back at square 1, or square -10. Last night it took Dominic an hour to get her to drink 1.5 ounces. Yep, it’s a battle. 
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want her to love the bottle since we’ll still be breastfeeding during my lunch break, evenings and weekends. I just want her to tolerate it so her amazing nanny doesn’t have to dread meal time.
I asked the Andaluz chat group for recommendations on what to do and one gal recommended trying the Adiri bottle. So, even though the cheapest I could find it was $10 (eBay), we ordered one and it is expected to arrive this Friday or Saturday. I’m hoping that its breast-like features do the trick. We’ll see …
Any ideas from other return-to-work mamas on how we can make this transition easier?
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    It's a hard transition (or was for me), but it gets easier. Or, I'll say that it gets easier on the baby (my little guy adjusted better than I did.)For us, with bottles, it took a lot of trial and error. Bigger nippled bottles definitely worked better for us. I probably tried 5 or 6 styles, and my little guy HATED them all, until we tried Playtex drop-ins. For some reason, he took well to those. I'm not recommending Playtex bottles necessarily (the ones you posted look awesome), but I am more advocating for continuing to try different styles if one isn't working.Also, just remember why you work and how you're helping your little one by doing so. That helps me deal with the sadness of being away all day. And enjoy getting to drink a cup of coffee or tea in peace! :)

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    You might have to try more than one type of bottle (a $$ burden, I know). The First Years makes one called BreastFlow and it mimics the "let down" and suck of the breast more closely than some other bottles where the milk flows freely. Playtex Nurser is also a great one. It just takes time. Babies are intuitive and she won't starve herself. YAY for continues nursing while working :)

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    You can actually train her drink from a cup! coolest thing ever, you can search "cup feeding a baby" on youtube and find lots of videos. good luck!