Day #6 – The Bigger Picture

Only 25 days to go! Is that really possible? This morning as our alarms went off Dominic rolled over and said, “Soon our alarm will be a baby and we won’t have to listen to these crazy alarm songs.” OMG, he’s right! It is really easy to get tied up in all the little things when […]

Day #4 – Naptime

I adore the weekends for one particular reason … naptime. I’ve always loved naps, but truly, WHO HAS THE TIME? But, in an effort to slow down and physically/mentally prepare for baby I have tried to incorporate a few here and there. This Saturday and Sunday were prime examples. Both days I stopped the madness […]

Eric Carle to the Rescue

I hadn’t thought too hard about a baby book for our little one. Up until now, this blog has acted as our main source of tracking baby’s progress. But, thinking back to my childhood I loved looking through my baby book and being able to see and touch pictures and my mom’s handwriting. So I […]