The Star of Daddy’s Christmas Stocking

Raise your hand if your husband is the hardest person to buy gifts for. That’s me … raising both hands. Because, ya’ll, Dominic is THE hardest person to shop for. Christmas makes me cringe and birthdays and anniversaries aren’t any easier. And, I’m totally a gift giving person! I love giving gifts! He’s just a […]

It’s All Worth It

Oh yes, it’s true – in honor of Father’s Day this month That Dad Dominic is making an appearance on the blog today! When Dom and I got married way back when (we’re just 14 months away from TEN YEARS!) I imagined that he would be a wonderful father, but now, seeing him in action, […]

The History of Jayhawk Fandom

We do not live in Kansas. Or even close. Actually, I’m the only one who has even visited.  So, we get questions quite often as to why we’re fans of the Kansas Jayhawks. Why our whole family dresses the part during March Madness. Why Max is already practicing “Rock Chalk” as his first phrase. I […]

TDD Style File | He’s On a Mission

That Dad Dominic has been anxiously awaiting the right opportunity to jump onto the blog with a review of his own. He has been waiting for the perfect item to share and after watching an episode of Shark Tank earlier this year he knew he found exactly what he wanted to share … the Mission […]

The Unplanned Homebirth

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Glaceau fruitwater®. Less than a month until my sweet boy’s first birthday. Sigh. In honor of the upcoming celebration I thought it would be fun to share a little vlog about the sparkling truth of his arrival. Wondering what a sparkling truth is? Well, […]

Bathroom Fun + Living Arrows

This post could not be more unrelated – something fun and something to make you think. That’s how these days of mothering go though, wouldn’t you agree? Lots and lots of fun which is often closely related to messes and then the things that make you step back and really think and pray and trust […]

Rock Chalk!

It’s a big weekend in our home – the end of March Madness – the Final Four. I’m at a Sip + Swap with Max (can’t wait to blog about this!) and Dominic and Jemma are having a Daddy Daughter Date in front of the game. They are noshing on crackers spread with cream cheese […]

When Daddy Goes On Vacation + Links to Love

Five days of single parenthood and I’m still among the living. I do not know how single mamas and dads do this around the clock. They are blessed with extra patience and courage for sure. Now, why did Dominic go on a vacation without me, you ask? Well, it’s quite simple. Last Fall, when the […]

{GUEST POST} Dominic’s Birth Story

After my mama wrote my birth story for my birthday, Dominic’s mom offered to write his birth story! I’m so excited to have both of our stories logged away for posterity’s sake. I didn’t want to wait until May to publish Dom’s story, so in celebration of his half birthday I’m posting it today. Thanks […]

Rock! Chalk! Jayhawk! is your new favorite online source for all best team gear. It’s got clothing, tailgating supplies, home decor and more! Thank you to for sponsoring this post. 2007 March Madness – KU is #1! Rock! Chalk! Jayhawk! Before I met my husband, those three words were foreign to me. To say I’m sports […]