Eric Carle to the Rescue

I hadn’t thought too hard about a baby book for our little one. Up until now, this blog has acted as our main source of tracking baby’s progress. But, thinking back to my childhood I loved looking through my baby book and being able to see and touch pictures and my mom’s handwriting. So I decided to keep my eye out for the perfect book. I needed something simple, not alot of journaling space (I stink at consistent journaling) and not alot of pastels (since that isn’t really my thing).

As with all baby things … much of the baby book genre is quite, uh, cutesy (AKA, so not my style). Humph. What to do?

Keep looking …

Then I found the Eric Carle Baby Book … perfect! It is sweet and simple with bright colored drawings and nice fill in the blanks acommpanied by space for pictures. This weekend I’ll be adding the ultrasound photo … the baby book progress has officially begun!

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  1. says

    I am glad you are starting early. It is so much easier to keep on top of a baby book when you start from the beginning. I am working backwards on chloe's. UGH!

  2. Madeleine "Kell says

    I gave the same Eric Carle book to Michael and M'Lissa for Bishop's first birthday. It was fun putting in pictures of events from his January – December year.