Day #7 – 42 Weeks

Only 24 days left! This 30 Days to Baby journal segment is flying by. Then again, with my recent sleepless nights it seems to be lasting forever at the same time. I have bipolar pregnancy emotions about it all.
Due dates are just guesses. Did you know that? We talk about them and anticipate them like a planned trip to Europe (or some other fantastic place). Except we don’t have a plane ticket purchased. Which means we could leave tomorrow or we could leave in 6 weeks … whenever the sale prices hit, I guess.
When I first took that lovely little pee stick we calculated my due date as September 30th. I had “scientific” proof of conception on my handy dandy iPhone app (which I used to track my cycle, because my Mom always said that was a good thing to do). Then I had my first appointment and based on my LMP my due date was moved to October 9th. Since October 9th was farther out I decided to go with that one as the public due date … you know, to reduce the anxious friends and family who think it is sweet to incessantly ask “When is that baby coming?”.
Last night I woke up almost every hour. That made me quite grumpy this morning. After my shower I collapsed on the bed and told Dominic I was done being pregnant. Throughout the last 9 months I have tried my darnedest to be positive about all phases of pregnancy. That includes these last few weeks. A good attitude makes for a happy mama and a happy baby … right? But, it hit me hard this morning. I could have this little one at 42 weeks. Right now, everything in my mind revolves around the 40 week mark. That’s my goal. That’s the deadline. After all, it is my due date! Realistically baby good stay put until October 23rd.
October 23rd!
That sounds like eons away.
Don’t feel compelled to ask me about induction … as of now our birth plan doesn’t include that and our midwife is completely on board with allowing baby to be born when he/she is ready. Of course, this could all change if our midwife deems it necessary, but I doubt it. Which means it might be wise of me to start thinking October 23rd. Then, anything before will feel like an awesome surprise.
Is this reverse psychology working on you? I’m trying oh, so hard to fall in love with the date October 23rd. Then again, baby will be full-term (37 weeks) on September 18th. Which sounds quite lovely too.
Due dates are a mean, mean trick. There is no such thing as a due date – babies don’t have deadlines. If doctors knew what was good for their patients psyche they would say things like “Your baby will be born in the Harvest season” or “Your baby should arrive around the holidays”. Not having an exact date takes off alot of pressure.
Until then … only 38 days until October 23rd :)
Darling baby … I mean it when I say, “take your sweet time”. I know from all the expert moms that it is way easier to take care of you inside my tummy! Whether you decide to arrive tomorrow or October 23rd, your Daddy and I will welcome you with open arms. In the meantime, keep growing, stay healthy and know that you are loved by so many people here in the outside world. Your arrival will make all of our lives a bit sweeter and we can’t wait to squish your chubby little cheeks!

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  1. says

    Keep your head up lady! You're doing great! I'm so excited to see your little one. And everyone told me "you'll be late since it's your first baby…I would guess Sept 8th" (my due date was sept 1st) and my girl came on Aug 28th! At 39w3d :) So you're exactly right…they are just guesses! Good luck!!

  2. says

    Oh, Honey!!! the "tired of being pregnant" feeling has hit us all…it will make the birth and arrival of your little one all the sweeter. Take good care of yourself little Mama:)

  3. says

    Oh how well i remeber that constant psychotic state of " baby could come anytime! Or it could be another month (insert melodramatic collapse and tears.) This is the hardest part of pregnancy. Just take comfort in knowing that every mama goes through it. And God already knows baby's birthday! But definitly keep thinking the 23rd, it makes the mental break downs come less frequently :)