Dear Little One …

You and I went to our 32 week appointment yesterday. Daddy had to work and was very sad he couldn’t join us. He has come to all of our other appointments and always asks such wonderful questions. We are lucky to have him in our family … he takes awesome care of us!

Listening to your strong heartbeat is my very favorite sound. Although I can’t see you, I can hear you and those magical beats are so comforting to me! You are growing so big and tall; I can feel you bouncing around all day long and know that you are getting excited to meet us as your space grows smaller :) It is so funny to think that in a few weeks you will be in my arms instead of in my tummy.

Our midwife and I visited about all the great plans God has for you. We don’t even know if you are a boy or girl yet and still, God has your life mapped out … all the twists and turns, ups and downs. He has an amazing plan for you and our little family! Before Daddy and I even knew you would be joining our family He knew what was to come. Isn’t that exciting? Then, He plopped you into our lives and you have become our greatest happiness! You haven’t even been born and everyday we plan, pray and prepare for your arrival into our family.

Stay snug as a bug, little one. We’ll see you soon!



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  1. says

    So sweet, Gretchen. God definitely has an awesome plan, doesn't he?

  2. says

    Takes me back 24 years ago and sweet thoughts of you bumping around in my tummy:) xoxo Mom and Mimi

  3. says

    seriously just teared up a bit!! You are such an amazing woman. Thank you for the example you set daily for all those around you. I really appreciate you!