Day #12: The End is Beautiful

Only 19 days to go … we accomplished alot this week (pictures to come), but my oh my, I’ve got alot to fit into these last 19+/- days!
I have had my moments recently. The “I hate not knowing when!” (cue whining voice). The “Will I ever be skinny again! (cue dramatic flop on the bed). The “I’m dying of tiredness/soreness/out of breathness!” (cue any sign to increase Dominic’s sympathy).
Maybe it’s the Enya CD I am listening to, maybe it’s my new shirt (see below), but I’m feeling good today. The end is beautiful. These are the last few days I will snuggle with my little one in this very special way. The only time I will have knowing that they are safe and secure inside of me. The last days of not having to think about soothing or feeding or sleep schedules. We just do what we do and are happily being two in one. It’s a good feeling to know that my body knows just what to do. It feels beautiful to know that God has blessed me with the ability to care for this little one inside of me. When I feel the drama creeping up, these are the things I need to remember. The end of this journey is beautiful. I am sure, at times, it will be sad too, to not be pregnant anymore. But, from what hear from the “other side”, having a baby is a pretty beautiful experience too.
Screamin’ deal ($5) on what might be my last maternity clothing purchase, thanks Just Between Friends Sale
… and the tucked tummy look, just so you can see how round my belly has become :)
My little baby … you are practically perfect in every way! Today you measured exactly 37.5 weeks, the exact spot we are at. Does that also mean you are going to arrive on your exact due date? We’ll see :) If your Mimi has anything to say about it she will hope that you hold out one extra day for the extra special 10/10/10. But of course, whatever day your decide to arrive will be extra special, this year and every year after! We have been through quite the journey together … 9 months of new experiences and growth. That time is about to come to an end, but what is to come will be much better! Aren’t you excited for the holidays with our family? Everyone is already brimming with excitment over having a new family member with us. Your aunties are already fussing over who will get up with you during the night. Can you believe that? I hope you don’t might being smothered with love, because alot of love is coming your way!!!

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  1. says

    LOVE that belly! It IS quite round :)

  2. says

    You look beautiful!! I loved your thoughtful advice….I am anxiously checking your blog daily. Soon, so soon!!