Day #3 – First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage

Watch that ticker go! Only 27(ish) days until baby arrives! Here is Day #3 of 30 Days to Baby …

All this planning for baby has me reflecting on the previous Big Day in my life. My extraordinary, special, fantabulous wedding. You know, the day where I married my very own Prince Charming. I think alot of this wedding love comes from my subscription to Spearmint Wedding. It makes me want to re-live my wedding EVERY DAY (or start planning my two sisters weddings). Even more, it kind of makes me want to get married again … of course, to the same groom :)

On the brink of my next Big Day I thought I would share some of the pictures from my wedding. Take note of how flat my stomach used to be! Crazy what almost 9 months of pregnancy can do to a girl’s body!

Hello Little One … I hope this doesn’t spoil all your fun, but you are #2 in my life. I know most mamas tell their babies that they are #1, but you must know that your Daddy will always be #1 in my life. It is important for things to stay this way because if Daddy stays #1 you will always have a wonderful home with a loving Mama and Daddy watching over you. Me and your Daddy are a team. We have been through alot together and that means we are very strong. Jesus has led our marriage and he will lead us as parents too. That means you are pretty lucky! You have Jesus, Mama and Daddy watching out for you! Makes being the #2 person in my life sound pretty good, huh?

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