It Doesn’t Always Rain in the Pacific Northwest

Driving down the freeway last week, Jemma began chatting about the weather – one of her favorite topics. She commented on all the rain and how it makes her so “fwusterated” because it makes the slide in our cul-de-sac too wet. Then she transitioned to thoughts on summer and how she hates the sun in her eyes so […]

This + That

The calendar has finally turned to November and Jemma is slowly but surely realizing that it is no longer her birthday season. It’s rough to be here, I tell ya. November is such a dreary month for little 4 year olds who don’t like turkey.  Mid-October we had a Pancakes and Ponies Party. My Little […]

This Week

Fall, in the form of buckets of rain, has forced me to slow down. It has been wonderful. For the last two weeks our Monday-Wednesday has been empty. Other than school pick up for our high school girls, the littles and I have been home. We’ve accomplished a few projects, mostly organizing things, but for […]

This + That

 Bead Bar Bracelet, c/o Brave Sunday /// Chain Bracelet, Sweet Ties Hair Ties /// Spoon Bracelet,  Urban Xchange Thursday has been a real treat thus far. Littles slept in until 8:45 – yes, eight forty five! I can hardly believe it! I skipped my run because … sleep. And then we had a play date. […]

Fair Trade + Fabulous

Happy Sunday, my friends! You know those things that just tug at your heart? They make sense and you kind of yearn to get involved? That’s how I feel about Fair Trade.  It kind of goes along with Dave Ramsey’s idea of knowing where your dollars go. And seeing that we’re Dave Rams-ites around here […]

Fit Mama Favorites

I’m still hesitant to call myself a fit mom. Maybe a “becoming fit mom” fits me best. Truly, inside I’m still the girl who would feign illness on PE day in order to sit out of anything too strenuous or competitive. Yes, that was me! Please say I’m not the only one who hated PE growing […]

Style File — Thug Life Three Ways

When I’m standing in line at the grocery store, how I do, and the checker looks at me with that pitiful smile as Jemma chatters about the chocolate popsicles I was pressured into buying (yes, I’m easily swayed by all 3 year olds who say “please” and bat their eyes) and Max bites through a […]

Perfect Pins

One /// Two  /// Three /// Four /// Five I’ve had a string of really, really late nights lately. Like, 3 AM. Dominic gets up for the gym by 5 AM so we practically “work” swing shifts these days. It’s amusing. And we laugh. Because it’s actually working for our family and it just seems funny to be on such […]

My Reading Seasons, Thoughts on Dark Hope + a GIVEAWAY

I go through seasons with reading. Season one —> Consume all the books. Season two —> Read nothing. I’m currently in season one. I’ve joined a book club. My library hold list is l-o-n-g. I’ve been scouring Goodreads to bookmark favorites for fall. I’ve been awake into the wee hours embracing characters and story lines and causes. My […]

My Fall Reading List

I don’t think I mentioned that I too participated in the summer reading program alongside my kids. During the months of June, July and August I read 9 books. Not a bad average for an overtired, busy mama, right?  I’m going to keep the reading ball rolling and continue to utilize our fabulous library this fall. […]

Mother Runner Playlist

Has the day really come where I’ve completed the majority of my 5K training? I’ve been out in the heat, pounding the pavement, lathering on the Deep Blue for 20+ runs now. Miracles. Miracle of miracles a la Fiddler on the Roof. Now, does 20+ runs give me true mother runner status? Probably not. But […]