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Pinterest is still one of my most favorite things. I’ve given up on accomplishing it all, and rather, am content just to browse as my down time. And hence, being on vacation I’m doing a fair share of pinning. It has sparked some ideas that I’ll eventually act on, but mostly, it’s just a break to turn a blind eye to the laundry and appreciate something beautiful.

Which, all of the above are extremely beautiful. 

Other things on my daily beauty scale? Hearing Jemma and Max giggle like crazy as they fly down the park slide and shriek “higher, higher” from the line of swings. And those little purple heart sunglasses propped up on Jem’s forehead like a movie star … in comparison to Max’s  grimy little feet from running in the dirt. It’s all my life and it’s all beautiful, because they are my greatest blessings. 

Now, off to build that bean pole teepee so we can make some magical memories this summer!

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