Twelve Books For 2015

Every year I aim to read “x” amount of books. I love reading, always have, but with little ones roaming about and minimal solo time it’s not like you’ll find me plopped on the couch too often with a book in hand. Well, at least not for a few years until I can establish a bona fide SSR. That’s silent, sustained reading for those of you who may have forgotten from your elementary days.

With kids, I seem to have fallen on the golden number of twelve. Twelve books each year, one a month. It’s achievable and if I’m a real speed reader one month, even a goal I can surpass. And let’s face it, in the realm of motherhood when most things seem to be on the brink of caving in, it’s nice to have a goal that could potentially be overachieved. 

Here’s the line up for 2015 …

12 BOOKS FOR 2015

Truth & Beauty /// This Is The Story Of a Happy Marriage /// All The Lights We Cannot See /// Beautiful Ruins /// If You Could See Me Now /// Just One Day /// Big Little Lies /// The Opposite of Loneliness /// The Lace Reader /// Atlantia /// The Nesting Place /// Wonder

I’ve got the popular ones (I’m #99 for All The Light We Cannot See!) already reserved at the library and plan to balance out the reading list with some audio book versions. We’re in the car for about an hour everyday thanks to school pick up for our international high school students so I can drive and listen … and live someone else’s life while I drive that minivan like a boss.

What’s on your reading list this year? I’d love to pick your brain and add some runners up for the lucky chance I hit my twelve mark before December!

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  1. jamie says

    Just finished Found by Micha Boyett. Incredible writer and her story completely resonated with me.
    Also, if you’re into tell-all type books and like social media, the book Hatching Twitter is fascinating.

    • Gretchen says

      I’ll have to add both of those to my list!