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Folks. My days, I’m guessing like yours, are really quite boring. There are many, many special little bits that make them awesome, but for the most part … they’re just normal. And I’m learning, normal is grand. Weeks, when I look at my calendar and see nothing. I smile. That has been this week. Thus, it birthed some major room reorganization and overall SPRING CLEANING!

Today I texted Dominic a little ditty … “If it doesn’t have a purpose, it doesn’t have a place … and then off it goes to outer space! Also known as Goodwill :)” I’m such a dork. Always making up random songs. Some so often that Jemma and Max believe they are real songs and request them again and again!

Now, on to a little this + that while I anticipate the Just Between Friends presale shopping (yay!) tomorrow and then a meet the author dinner with my book club! Then, Friday is an exciting day too because the lovely Lacy launches Madre Beads! I’m thinking of wearing mine (those pretty green beads above ^^^) with my Easter dress … which just so happens to be a tags still attached $128 J Crew number I scored from Twice for $18!

  • I bought this in Austin and just adore it. This one is next on my wish list.
  • SALTS. Dom thinks I’m such a grump.
  • If you ever think you’ll buy something online, you’re silly not to sign up here first. FREE MONEY.
  • Post baby I always have a mushy brain. Still kind of. This girl though? She’s typing gold.
  • I get overwhelmed by photography. This boosted me though.
  • I’m kind of this. But mostly this.
  • Are you leaving Facebook?
  • I’ve stopped buying books, #librarygirl, but this, this I need.
  • I totally believe this.
  • Suddenly inspired to meal plan. Because OMG!

TGIT, my friends :) What are some of your favorite things you’ve read around the interwebs lately?

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