My Fall Reading List

I don’t think I mentioned that I too participated in the summer reading program alongside my kids. During the months of June, July and August I read 9 books. Not a bad average for an overtired, busy mama, right?  I’m going to keep the reading ball rolling and continue to utilize our fabulous library this fall. […]

Mother Runner Playlist

Has the day really come where I’ve completed the majority of my 5K training? I’ve been out in the heat, pounding the pavement, lathering on the Deep Blue for 20+ runs now. Miracles. Miracle of miracles a la Fiddler on the Roof. Now, does 20+ runs give me true mother runner status? Probably not. But […]

Perfect Pins

One /// Two /// Three /// Four /// Five /// Six This year we have two international students coming to live with us. One of our sweet girls from last year is returning for her senior year and another from China is on her way, also a senior. Our home has 4 bedrooms so one […]

Perfect Pins

One /// Two /// Three /// Four /// Five /// Six Perfect, orderly pins that I love and a splattering of random from life … Max ripped apart the train set. Again. I’m really tired of reassembling it. I think I’ll be gluing it together very soon. Jemma has learned to hide anything of value […]

Gifts Dad Will Actually Use

 I could buy my mom gifts all day long. She’s just easy to shop for … maybe because we like many of the same things. But my dad and Dominic, they’re a bit more particular. So, when holidays come around I’m always a little stumped as to what they’ll like AND USE most. Yes, believe […]

Third Baby Wish List

Let’s talk baby #3 today! What I may “need”, what I want and what I’ve come to determine is pure poppycock in the realm of baby necessities. No, no – not expecting over here! Deep sigh of relief I’m sure from my husband who occasionally reads my posts. But, not expecting doesn’t keep me from […]

Favorite Things

Favorite Things by thatmamag featuring perfume fragrances   So much to love these days. Top of the list being … Trader Joe’s Organic Pizza Crusts /// I pop it on this air vent pizza pan top with homemade pizza sauce, fresh mozzarella, camapari tomatoes and basil … then, when it’s done I sprinkle pink sea […]

Favorite Things

Spring Ride by thatmamag featuring a black hat Click the mini photos to see details and links! I jumped ship to Polyvore for my favorite things collage – if you haven’t polyvored yet, you must. It’s kind of addicting and all sorts of fun. So, my current favorites … the earrings are my new daily […]

Word of the Year: Thrive

Last year I just wanted to feel settled. We had moved twice and Max was still a newbie. I was tired and worn and needed the year to be calm; restorative. Thankfully, it was. Here’s the best of 2013. I’m extremely hopeful for this upcoming year. I love making lists and organizing my thought; planning […]

Merry Christmas!

I’m sure I’ll say this every year, but this Christmas season has been magical. Jemma’s excitement has warmed all of our hearts and we can’t wait for this evening when we bake Jesus’ birthday cake and exchange gifts.   I wish I could mail you all a Christmas card, because truly, you’re all friends and […]

These Are a Few of My Favorite Posts

One of my favorite things to read on other blogs is a highlight of popular posts. For awhile I’ve highlighted mine in the {retired} lil’ “Best Of” tab that used to be up top. So, I thought I’d post them today. Some of these posts were barely read and others were most popular (when it […]