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IMG_4051I’m in total nesting mode. The pre-travel kind of nesting. I haven’t been on a plane since Jemma was one and now, with 2 kids and a longer trip, I’m busy as a bee with prep.

So far today, I’ve deep cleaned the kitchen counters – granite tile instead of granite slab calls for that on more occasions than not. And reorganized said counters … gotta trick up the hubs with where the toaster is every once in awhile! I’ve also assessed the contents of our travel toiletries, made a list of what I need and double-checked my kiddo plane activity stash. So far I’ve got an I Spy book, coloring, portable CD player, snacks and a few other small toys. Plus iPads, because, duh. What else would you recommend? My mama is making me some darling zippered pouches so surprises are easily hidden, while also acting as a storage space.

I’m really behind in folding laundry – so lame because I had this wild 2015 goal of folding laundry as soon as it came out of the dryer. On the flip side, I have managed to pack the kid’s vacation outfits in gallon size bags. Each one containers a complete outfit minus shoes – unders, top, bottom, socks, and hair accessories. This way, they (or Daddy), can easily get dressed while I run solo on our vacation mornings. I cannot wait to run 100 pound stroller free. Like, CANNOT WAIT.

Speaking of running – two 5Ks are on the calendar! One while we’re on vacation, more of a fun jaunt with my mama and sisters and then a real deal one in March where I’m going to try and have a good time. Last weekend I ran a little over 2 miles with a 12:18 average and am very proud of my non-athletic self. This was sans stroller. But still! Improvement!

As far as vacation prep for me fine self, I snagged this sturdy gem to make traveling with kids fun (bahaha!) and as covertly displayed by the photo above, I went bra shopping. Gotta love a fresh base layer before vacation; especially when it’s on sale! Also found the most darling cosmetic bag at TJ Maxx; that place is just about as bad as Target when it comes to sucking up all my personal money. Am I alone?

Ok, now a little this + that … they’re goodies, enjoy!

Downloaded this freebie for airplane entertainment 

Just what us crunchy mamas need :)

Sign up today, share with friends, get $20! (If you sign up tomorrow, that’s ok too … the bonus is just $10 then).

Swooning over these

These are just soooo yummy, plus also I’ve been aiming to learn more about photography and I feel really good about these photos! 

Ship everything straight to me!

You can’t miss this, just don’t – uber inspirational! And yes, I’m lucky enough to know her in real life!

What do you like best … A or B?


Made it to IKEA for frames to make this

Golden Grahams are a crappy food favorite of mine

Read her book, want to be besties

Essential oil food for thought, especially in the comments

And these 

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  1. Sara says

    Just traveled with my one year-old, and have traveled with my five year old to so many countries it’s not even fair! My best advice is download your airline app to your phone so you don’t have to mess with a bunch of papers & boarding passes. My son is happily & easily entertained with an iPad & a lunchable. We always have a few pouches of applesauce for takeoff and landing- they really help the ears. TSA (in Seattle at least) has always been very easy. They let you take just about anything through for a kid & baby. I had two bottle & a sippy cup with water & they just do a quick test- wave something over the open bottle. They even let me wear the baby instead of taking her off! Have fun & safe travels.

  2. emihill says

    Thank you for linking to my Golden Graham S’mores recipe!

    • ThatMamaGretchen says

      Of course! And now I’m super pregnant and just seeing that photo again has made me NEED to make those stat :)