Reason #286,121 and #286,122

It’s true, there are a ton of reasons why I absolutely adore my husband. This weekend he added 2 more … We ran out of toilet paper upstairs on Sunday night. Being too lazy/pregnant to trek to the garage for more I moved my tissue box into the bathroom for my midnight visits. By the […]

Why We Celebrate

On our actual anniversary (August 24th), Dominic went to work and I went to the beach with my family. Yes, by year 3 you finally start to realize the real day isn’t as much of a big deal. Truly it’s more about the every day. What do we do each day to acknowledge our marriage […]

That Dad Dominic

My to-do list has been filled with things like … find crib bedding, send shower thank you notes and dream up more boy name options. Dominic has taken on a very different approach to preparing for baby. His list has been filled with things like … research crib recall and incorporate baby into our monthly […]