Dad Life

We got a great laugh from this one! Dominic could have starred in it for sure :)

Reason #286,121 and #286,122

It’s true, there are a ton of reasons why I absolutely adore my husband. This weekend he added 2 more … We ran out of toilet paper upstairs on Sunday night. Being too lazy/pregnant to trek to the garage for more I moved my tissue box into the bathroom for my midnight visits. By the […]

Why We Celebrate

On our actual anniversary (August 24th), Dominic went to work and I went to the beach with my family. Yes, by year 3 you finally start to realize the real day isn’t as much of a big deal. Truly it’s more about the every day. What do we do each day to acknowledge our marriage […]

Freckled Lemonade and a Heart-to-Heart

We splurged after church yesterday and went out to lunch at Red Robin. Nothing like a chicken burger, french fries and a freckled lemonade to make this pregnant gal smile from ear to ear. Plus, nothing quenches the thirst monster like lemonade. Essence of summer, for sure.I saw this out to Red Robin as the […]

That Dad Dominic

My to-do list has been filled with things like … find crib bedding, send shower thank you notes and dream up more boy name options. Dominic has taken on a very different approach to preparing for baby. His list has been filled with things like … research crib recall and incorporate baby into our monthly […]