Crunchy Mamas & Dads

These videos just make me crack up laughing … I’m so happy they came out with one for Dads! Dominic could totally star in one of these :) He’s my handsome fansome crunchy man. And, if you missed the mama versions … here they are! I must admit I had to look up what spirulina […]

All three of us are snuggled up on the couch ready to kick off the three day weekend. Jemma is sleeping, I’m reading blogs and Dominic is watching Supernanny, you know, because we’re taking notes on how to become super-parents.  Moments ago Dominic looked at me and said, “Look how Jemma obeys me … I […]

Weekends with Daddy

On the weekends I snuggle with my Daddy alot. This way Mama can get housework done. We watch lots of football right now, but soon Daddy says there will be more basketball. Go Kansas Jayhawks!  At one point today I needed my diaper changed and since a spot got onto my outfit, Daddy changed me […]

Beat the Clock 5K Run

Dominic and Aunt Katie ran a 5K this weekend. Their first of many, so I hear. Who knows … perhaps theyll talk me into joining them one of these days. Dominic won 3rd place in his age category! . Sadly, Jemma and I were nursing in the car when Daddy crossed the finish line. We’ll […]