Why We Celebrate

On our actual anniversary (August 24th), Dominic went to work and I went to the beach with my family. Yes, by year 3 you finally start to realize the real day isn’t as much of a big deal. Truly it’s more about the every day. What do we do each day to acknowledge our marriage and make it the best it can be?

Well, for starters we don’t forget to celebrate! Because really, it is a big deal to survive another year of marriage in one piece. We’ve definitely had our ups and downs and more downs, but we’re still in love and still moving forward by the grace of God. It takes work to be married and when you complete 365 days of work it is time to PARTY! Well, party as much as two 24 year olds who act much older than 24 can party. On the real day we had breakfast for dinner with my parents and sisters (Thank you Chef Hannah) and then scooted out to Olive Garden for beer (Dominic) and black tie mousse cake (Me). It was a Tuesday so it’s not like we could go crazy ;)

But, this weekend we have big plans! We’re trekking east towards Multnomah Falls after my Saturday breastfeeding class and plan to hike a bit and crash at a lovely lodge for the evening.

Of course, pictures of the falls and lodge will follow in due time.

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  1. Mallory Parsons says

    The falls are gorgeous, you will have an awesome time! Happy anniversary, you guys deserve it!!!!

  2. says

    Look at skinny Dominic!! And I looove that big B on the wall!

  3. Heidi St. John says

    You are too stinkin' cute, BOTH of you! (or all THREE of you!) See you Friday :) and Happy Anniversary!