Happy Father’s Day to That Dad Dominic

I’m planning to start a little Father’s Day tradition with Jemma (and her future siblings) … a little interview each year about their Dad. I helped Jem a bit this year, but next year, I know she’ll be in charge of the whole shebang!

  • What do you call your Daddy? Da
  • Favorite thing about your Daddy? His whiskers
  • Food do you like to share with Daddy? Spicy chips
  • Favorite activity to do with Daddy? Wrestling and tickling
  • Best time of day with Daddy? When he gets home from work and when he snuggles me to sleep
  • How much does Daddy love you? SO MUCH!!!

I seriously can’t wait for next year when she is almost 3! She is such a smart, silly girl, I know her answers will just crack me up!

On a serious note, That Dad Dominic is truly the most amazing Daddy any little girl could ask for. Jemma is extremely blessed to have him in her life. When I asked Dominic what he wanted for Father’s Day he chose this book and study pack. A true testament to him as a Dad – he takes his job as a Dad so seriously, always wanting to learn and grown and become better. I heart him like crazy :)

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  1. Briana says

    We did the interviews as well. I always love the answers they give! Jemma had some cute answers! :)I will have to check out that book and study pack; I have never heard of it.

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    The 30 Day Challenge book just came out, Dominic was really excited about it because it offers the practical application behind the theory of raising a strong daughter.

  3. says

    i love when little girls have daddies that love them so much. it warms my heart.