While Mama Runs Errands …

Daddy has taught Jem how to properly relax on the couch …
totally chill and kicked back!
Jemma and Daddy had some hang out time while I ran errands this afternoon. I nursed her, popped in Baby Einstein and wished them luck. In the 2 hours I was gone I only got one phone call – everything was going well. 
By the time I returned Dominic emphatically told me, “I have no future as a nanny!” Apparently he had hoped she would sleep so he could read and watch the Kansas game. No, darling husband, that is not how afternoons with a baby go. Sorry!
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  1. says

    funny how easy they think they are until they get one-on-one time. she is looking super cute in that headband

  2. says

    I can't get over her leg rolls :) She is ADORABLE.And it sounds like your hubs got a good dose of the babe for the afternoon. Maybe he'll appreciate what you do every day a little more ;)