What’s Missing on Your Baby Registry?

When I wander through the aisles of Target and Babies ‘R Us I can’t help but catch the registry bug. Everything is so small and cute and … sometimes impractical. Of course, everything has its’ purpose, but what do I really need? Not 10 rattles or 50 newborn onesies … that’s for sure.
As I prepare for brother’s arrival I wanted to share a handful of things I consider essential … or at least worthwhile when building your registry. These aren’t the “normal” things you’d see on a registry, but they sure do come in handy!

  • Air purifier … Something about keeping the air in the room we all sleep filtered makes me rest a little easier. Plus, Jemma has totally gotten used to the white noise and it helps us create a calm sleeping environment.
  • Bathrobe … Registries aren’t solely about babies. Sometimes mama needs a few new things as well. Along with nursing tanks and bras add a pretty bathrobe. Many a morning I spend in pajamas while I fix breakfast and it’s nice and cozy to have a bathrobe on top.
  • Non-baby toiletries … Target has Dr. Bronners soap in the normal toiletry aisle. I love this product since it works for the whole family … including baby! Also, think about things you’ll need for your birth bag and add those to your registry – it’s the perfect thing to use gift cards on AND you’ll receive a 10% off coupon from the store as a way to complete your registry. Boom – discount deodorant :)
  • Nursing pads … Ok, so you all added 1 box, maybe 2? Maybe it is just me, but in the early days I went through a box every 2 weeks or so. It backed off to 1/month, but still. Register for 10 … or at least put a chunk of your gift cards towards stocking up!
  • Cold kit … I received this as a gift from my older sis and it was the most perfect, practical baby shower gift. She stocked me up on all the essentials – Tylenol, Vick’s Baby Rub, Gripe Water, and more. All the things you need when a cold hits home and you don’t have time (or energy) for a run to the store.
  • Books for mama … Most big box stores sell a great assortment of mama/parenting books. Browse those for your registry and consider family-friendly cookbooks and novels to read while up late nursing or snuggling baby during naps.
  • Books for baby … If baby libraries aren’t the sweetest thing, I don’t know what is! Plus, I totally think it is worth buying a $5 board book and writing a little message on the inside instead of buying a $3 card. Wouldn’t you agree?
  • Older toys … Most of the toys in the baby aisle are for little ones less than a year. Peruse the older kid toys and add things like play kitchen food, a bubble machine, a bouncy ball, coloring books, and puzzles; they types of toys that transition well from 1+ through preschool.

Bottom line … wander beyond the baby section with your registry gun. You can also consider an online registry through Amazon or better yet, build a Pinterest board to pin items from small businesses or Etsy shops and direct your guests there!

What do you consider a baby registry essential that isn’t “normal”?
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  1. jessicarogers says

    i want an air purifier! and definitely agree with the momma focused gifts. i made sure i got a kindle for myself before the baby came, and i'm so glad that i did. jessicahttp://feistyfeathers.blogspot.com

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Oooo, a Kindle is such a good idea!


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