Laundry Detergent

When I’m trying to drift off to sleep I think of random things like, “OMG, what kind of laundry detergent should I use for all the baby clothes!”

Right now we have this … from Costco:

What do you use for your baby items? Do you separate baby stuff from the rest of the family’s clothes or is there something cost-effective that I can use for everything?

I’m thinking of adding laundry detergent to my registry … even if I don’t get it (because, let’s face it, laundry detergent isn’t the coolest thing to give as a gift) I can get the 10% registry completion discount.

Send me your recommendations? I’ve got to get this figured out before it starts to keep me up at night :)

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    I use Dreft (Target makes an off-brand) while baby is a new baby. When she gets older and her skin isn't quite so sensitive then I buy one detergent for the entire family to use, Tide Free & Clear, something that is perfume free/dye free. I never wash baby clothes with my own clothes. It's stupid, but her stuff is so little and sweet and the thought of a sweet baby sock getting caught in the hubs' sliders (biker shorts for working out) kinda gives me the geebies. Every baby is different and some can't tolerate dreft, but do okay where cheer. It will kinda depend on your baby :)

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    I use Dreft, and sometimes the Target brand of dreft. I started separating out the baby's clothes but now I just wash everyone's together all in Dreft. It got to hard to do separate loads all the time and even with combining everything together I am still doing laundry ALL THE TIME!

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    I'm really sensitive to smell, so Dreft never really was my thing. I used to seperate out and wash kid stuff seperately, but now that we know there are no skin issues, it's mostly all mixed together (Even with a large capacity front loader, I still do 6-8 loads a week, not counting diapers!!) I use the enviro-friendly HE detergent from Costco for most things and Mrs. Meyer's Basil scent as well. I use Country Save for diapers and such and am really happy with how is cleans.

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    Such great feedback, thanks!When are you supposed to know if your kiddo has a skin allergy? Does that surface at a certain time? If they make it past 6 months are you usually good to go?

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    Dreft is overpriced and overrated. Free & Clear is actually better because it has no added fragrance, whereas Dreft does :)

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    I use the Target brand of Dreft. I love the smell.. I could sniff Diggy stuff allll day long. I seperate his stuff, but it doesn't hurt to wash some of your clothes in it too since they do snuggle up to you. Skin alleries will probably pop up around first month or so. Your peds Dr will more then likely let you know if they think they have something. Don't sweat it now ;)

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    I use Country Save for all of my laundry. If you are doing cloth diapers any kind of free and clear detergent uses an enzyme to clean that ended up giving Eli HORRIBLE diaper rashes, so avoid those. I love Country save! Everything comes out super clean and without obnoxious smells. Plus the price is great.