A Baby Carrier for Dad

We are in the market for a baby carrier for this guy …

6 feet, 2 inches – 260 pounds – crazy buff shoulders

I totally thought I would be the baby wearer and Dom would be the bag carrier/stroller pusher. But no, he is very much into the idea of toting baby around. How sweet is that? So, I’m off on a shopping mission :)

This article, pointed towards an Ergo or Beco for dads. Any thoughts or recommendations?
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  1. says

    I love it when I see John toting the kids around – I have no idea what kind it is – I know its blue – and I know it makes my heart happy!

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    Gretchen,My DH is about 6'1" and 260 (also big in the shoulders) someone gave us a Ergo carrier and I love it for myself, but the baby pretty much didn't fit once it was on daddy – so nix that one. =)Sorry I can't suggest one… we never did buy one for him and he just carries the baby around!