Getting Ready to Flip

My dear friend, Mallory, gave me a gift certificate to Simple Cloth at my baby shower last week. This weekend I spent it (better to spend than misplace is my gift certificate philsophy) on a Flip Day Pack which consists of 2 covers and 6 stay-dry inserts. Thank you, Mallory!!!

Joanna over at Baby Gator’s Den recently wrote a great post on cloth diapers. Being that this is my first time with diapers I love running into other mama’s who have successfully diapered their little one’s bums with a cloth option. Because seriously, I don’t really know what to say when I am peppered with questions on this topic. So, just in case you were wondering …

  • Yes, I do know cloth diapers are gross … but really, aren’t all diapers gross?
  • No, I don’t know if Flips are going to leak, fit my kiddo, last a long time, etc. etc. etc.
  • Yes, I have registered for pink ones too. This doesn’t mean baby is a girl and I’m hiding something … it just means I want to be prepared.
  • No, I am not yet committing to cloth wipes. That might be an adventure for baby #2.
  • Yes, Dominic is on board.
  • Yes, I will have disposables as back up.

So why on earth did we make the cloth diaper decision?

  • Finances – Long term, cloth diapers are much more economical. They can be used for future siblings as well which pays off even more.
  • Environment – Disposable diapers take FOREVER to decompose, cloth are re-usuable and are therefore a prime example of recycling .
  • Health – There are crazy chemicals in disposable diapers, I would prefer to keep those and the diaper rashes they cause away from baby’s bum.
  • Sanity – I’ve read a number of times that cloth diaper babies potty train much sooner than disposable diaper babies. Something about being able to feel the wetness in a cloth diaper and connecting that it isn’t a comfortable feeling.

So, that’s that. We’re giving it a try. Wish us luck :) I am sure there will be many more reports on the cloth diaper journey as we collect our stash and put them to use in the coming months!

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    just to put in my 2 cents for the 85th time — cloth wipes are crazy easy. even when we are using disposable diapers – about 1/4 of the time – we use a cloth wipe because it's just easier and they're way easier on baby bums.

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    I love your advice! If you believe it's that easy I'll give it a try for sure. Do you keep them moist? Do you wash them out after each wipe? What kind do you like?

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    my favorites are the Cotton Babies flannel wipes. we have some other flannel ones and then some bamboo ones – totally not impressed with the bamboo much to my dismay. i think i got them all on amazon. i've also noticed the occasional baby washcloth that gets thrown in the mix. the thing that is great about them is that because of the uhh, liquidy awesomeness of breastmilk poo you end up having to use like 5 disposable wipes because they just kind of push the poop around. with cloth wipes i use one, maybe two, ok at the most 3 with a blowout because they're actually absorbent.last time i just used an empty disposable wipes box and put them in about 10 at a time and dumped some wipe solution on them. this time i got a cloth wipes warmer and i heart it. the wipes solution – i get a quart sized jar put in 1 Tbsp baby shampoo, 1 Tbsp oil – olive, vitamin E, whatever, just not mineral based, 2 drops of an essential oil – i mostly use tea tree oil for antibacterial – and fill it up with water and shake it. it lasts about a week and as i do laundry and refill the wipes warmer i just dump some more on. the wipes stain more easily than cloth diapers do, but if you dry them in the sun all the stains come out.i think cloth wipes are one of the most underrated money savers and environmentally friendly things you can do with a baby. everyone thinks they're all gross. whatever. babies are kind of gross. it's just how it is. good luck! i think you'll love cloth diapering. i get all laura ingalls on myself sometimes. i know you will to.

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    Haven't had many leaking issues with Flips!! Love them! Love them! Love them! And I go back and forth with the cloth wipes – I forget to use them. If disposible wipes are around, I'm a creature of habit!!

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    Hi Gretchen,I just started reading your blog and am also expecting my first baby- 14 weeks.Have you heard of Gdiapers? I read about them on another blog and think I'm sold. You should check them out.

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    Hi Lauren,I looked into Gdiapers (acutally bought a pack), but when I visited the cloth diaper store they said the Flip was kind of like the upgraded version. Apparently Gdiapers don't have leg adjustments so if your little one has skinny legs you end up with leaking problems … It's so hard to know what route to go when the bun is still in the oven!Good luck :)

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    I held out for 6 months on re-usable wipes. I kind of picked them up at random one day and I LOVE them. When you are using cloth and have a poopy diaper you have to plan ahead with what to do with the disposable wipes…otherwise you stick them on the floor, or hold them, or all other sorts of groseness. With the reusable you just toss them right in the diaper and voila! No mess. I just rinse them and wash them with the diapers. Then get them wet, not soaking but close and put them in a tupperware. Lovely, easy, wondrful!