Meant to be?

Back ’round week 12 of pregnancy (ions ago, I know) I was sure as sureness can get that I was going to have a designer diaper bag.

Since, I have come to grips with reality and gave myself a little pep talk. It went like this: “Girlfriend, you like to switch your bags too often so you just need a starter diaper bag. Forever diaper bags are so not your thing! Therefore, you must search for something at a non-designer price. Good luck, girlfriend, the countdown has begun.”

Of course, the hunt began. And, as with all hunts, I have found myself victorious. Here is my starter diaper bag, you know for months 0-4 (or so) of baby life …

Nice amount of space
Zip closure
Extra pockets, inside and out
Wipeable material
Price is right! Only $29.99 at Target
Will match many outfits
Only concern is, how do we all feel about white in the winter? Thoughts?

Disclaimer: Please don’t feel alarmed when you see this on my Target baby registry. I’m not begging for push presents this early … just a hip diaper bag for me and my babelicious baby to carry around town :)
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  1. says

    In the south, we wear white all year round, so I don't see a problem with that, but is it heavy? The more leather/faux leather on a bag the heavier it is, and once you add all the baby stuff in it, it could slice through your shoulder or cut off circulation to your arm. Hee hee. My mom gifted me an all leather Coach diaper bag in camel/tan. It is GORGEOUS, but the effer is so freakin' heavy, I couldn't stand to carry it. It only got to ride under the stroller and what fun is that? I ended up mostly using Vera Bradley Large Totes because they are all cloth, lightweight, washable, and I can use them for the beach or whatever afterwards. So, be stylish, but watch the weight of the bag :)

  2. says

    I swear, I almost bought that bag TODAY while at Target and I have a 4-year old! I still need to carry things like wipes, a drink for her, a change of clothes (still potty training), and a bunch of random "lovies" for her enjoyment. :)It's more beautiful in person and not heavy at all (as with most leathers) and yes, white is just perfect in Winter, don't you worry about that!Beautiful, you will LOVE having that little rectangular pocket on the front for YOUR wallet, phone, chapstick, keys, etc. because your crap will get lost inside that deep bag. :)

  3. Betty says

    this is a gorgeous bag! I just added a Oioi tote to my gift list (my sister said she was going to treat me to this) but I think I'm going to replace it with this piece of beauty. Seriously…diaper bags are so fabulous..who would have thought? :)