Max | 8, 9 & 10 Months

Oh, Max, your silly mama has gotten behind. That means three months in one post :)
Let’s see … you’ve been a busy little dude! There is no doubt about that! Crawling – bear crawls are your specialty AND climbing up the stairs in record speed. Plus, you’re an eating machine – green beans, bananas, toast and chicken are your current favorites. Quinoa too! With 6 teeth (almost 8) you’re all about ripping, chomping and tasting anything and everything. Even things you’re not supposed too … like playground bark.

We had an unofficial weigh in the other morning and you tipped the scales at 27 pounds.  BUBBA! 27 pounds? No wonder Mama is getting so strong carrying you around. No doubt, in my arms is your favorite place to be. You give me hugs and kisses all day long – I soak up each one and then pull you back to see your smile. Usually followed by a giggle. Then you snuggle your head into my shoulder. LOVE! Sadly, you’ve also started this awful pinching thing. Your little fingers grip the inside of my arm and it hurts like the dickens! I’m hoping you nix this skill soon. Pretty please?

Right before your 10 month birthday you waved goodbye to your Aunt Hannah as she was leaving the house and on your 10 month birthday you reached up to me from the floor and said “mama”! Yippee! You know me! Before that, your only other word has been “lala” and lots of it. There was a chance you babbled “dada” once or twice but we haven’t heard it again.

Here’s a peek at a day in your life …

  • 6-7 am – Max is UP with smiles and grins and no chance at drifting back to sleep.
  • Playing in the bathroom while I get ready and if Jemma is up she reads you stories. Then breakfast and downstairs playing. 
  • By 10 am you’re feeling tired and you nurse to sleep for a nap while Jemma watches a show.
  • When you wake up we go on a walk or errands, then home for lunch and play before you and Jemma both take naps around 2pm.
  • Afternoons are all different – sometimes baths or time in the yard or playing while I prepare dinner. We eat between 6-6:30pm when Daddy gets home and you’re ready for bed by 7pm. Ha! No wonder you’re awake for the day so early!

You are a mama’s boy through and through. I absolutely adore it. You cry monster tears after 10 minutes of playing with your friends in church nursery and hug me so big when they page me to come get you. We practice each week so at some point you have fun with your little friends, but for now I’m happy to rescue you whenever you call. The ladies know when Max wants he mama, he wants her NOW. Every once in awhile you stay with your Mimi or aunt so I can go out, but an hour or two is all you can take until you are ready to be in Mama’s arms again. Oh Max, you are the best! It’s crazy to think that you’ve been out of me as long as you were in me now. How has this time gone by so fast?

Last week the doctor’s office called to schedule your one year wellness appointment. I can hardly fathom it. ONE YEAR OLD! I’m so happy I still have two whole months to snuggle my baby boy before you turn into a toddler.

So many adventures ahead of you my little man. I’m so, super blessed to be your mama. You already make me so proud and bring me so much joy. Eek! Being your mama is just plain fabulous! Love you!

And the recap of your monthly photos …

  • At 8 months you had no interest in smiling.
  • At 9 months, you smiled for one picture – showing off your pearly whites :)
  • And at 10 months, every picture I took you were a happy, laughing boy. I liked this photo best because your hair has grown out and you have such adorable sideburns and baby man bangs!
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  1. Bri says

    He is beautiful! What a big boy! Leo weighed 21lbs. 5oz. at his 9 month and he has totally started the pinching of the back of my arm thing too. I almost cry and definitely have a mark there from him doing it so much. :(

  2. says

    What a cutie! And I love the mustache stickers. So fun!

  3. ThatMamaGretchen says

    The pinching kills! I hope it's just a phase!

  4. says

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