2nd Annual Mother’s Day Interview

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I really love these little interviews and should probably do them more often. At least, I’ve managed to do them two Mother’s Days in a row now! Read Jemma’s interview from last year. Can you believe that I’m decreasing in age as the years go by? This is Max’s inaugural year and he was a super little […]

Jemma Says

i match the flowers

Look Mom! I match the flowers!!! Always negotiating … Here’s the deal – I took a long rest and then go’d potty and now we need to sneak downstairs and turn up the volume (monitor) so we can listen for Max and play just us. Sound a good deal? When referring to hiccups … Uh […]

Jemma Says


I made some brownies for after dinner …Weally!?! I just wuv brownies! They have CHOCOLATE!!! I can’t wear my shirts and pants. These pajamas are just so cozy! Every single day … I’m going to make a picture for Santa, ok? I am the boss of this house.Me and Daddy is going to Buff-o WILD […]

Jemma Says


It seems we’re starting to use our brother to accomplish what WE want … I think Max wants to watch some Kee-sa (Curious) George. He wants some cereal too … on the couch, ok? You want that, right Max? Tell mama. Mama, Max says “YES!” Max is making boy sounds and Jemma responds … You […]

Jemma Says


I’ve been dreaming of the day when I could start logging away little things Jemma says like Deanna does with her boys. Jemma was a later talker than most, but at three, the funnies are flyin’! On the first day of preschool after telling me all about her new little girl friend, including her name […]

Interview | Jemma, 2 3/4 years old


The other day during one of our “please chill out and get a grip” just for fun baths, I decided to interview Jemma. She’s been talking up a storm lately and saying some of the darndest things. Some of our current favorites are how she says “soooo crunchy!” when describing food – namely cookies and […]