Gift Guide Just For Brothers + Sisters

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll be buying Jemma My Little Pony shenanigans for Christmas. I mean, that is what her little heart desires and we’re all entitled to a little Christmas want. For the most part though, I try to invest in gifts that are pretty gender neutral, things that both Jemma + Max will love. Hence, the gift guide just for brothers + sisters.
This lil’ gift guide has just 6 special things, because I’m all for the holidays being low key in the gift department. Some of these will probably even be tucked away as gift ideas for future birthdays or Christmases. Without further ado …
Hape Mighty Mixer | Jemma received the Hape kitchen for Christmas last year and it is by far the most played with toy we own. We do a lot of cooking with the real mixer in the mama kitchen so I know Jemma + Max would appreciate their own version in the play room. The coffee maker is darling too!

Jet Pack Dress Up | “Blast off!” … it’s one of Jemma’s favorite phrases :) Imaginations are brimming around these parts and I just know she and Max would love to become little space people in matching jet packs.

KicKee Pants Jammies | Our family has a tradition of receiving new pajamas during the holidays. This year we’ll be gifting them to the kids on Saint Nicholas Day. KicKee Pants are by far my favorite – the soft bamboo is just so snuggly!

Li’l Woodzeez Animal Families | Target’s spin on the more expensive Calico Critters and another imagination goldmine. Jemma + Max both enjoy playing with their dollhouse, furniture and animal families.

Mini Broom | Sometimes the most loved toys are not toys at all. Such is the case with our broom. I only wish the kids could become more effective with their sweeping :) Practice makes perfect though, so I’d like to get them a mini broom of their own which I’m guessing will aid in their accuracy.

Disney Movies | I have so many fond memories of watching Disney movies with my sisters and I can already see Jemma + Max enjoying couch snuggles with a snack and good flick. The Little Mermaid is the current classic out of the Disney vault and we for sure need it before it can’t be purchased again! 

What gifts would you recommend that brothers and sisters would enjoy sharing?

Disclaimer: This post WAS NOT sponsored by any of the companies or products mentioned. Just my own two cents from being both a boy and girl mama :)

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  1. says

    I didn't know Li'l Woodzeez existed! I couldn't pull my 2 1/2 year old away from the calico critters section at the toy store and was going to choose one family set to get her with her bubble bath this year. Thanks for the just as cute and less expensive option!

  2. says

    They are definitely still darling! We love our one set of Calico Critters, but I was for sure happy to find something that is about 1/3 of the price!

  3. says

    I love Max's little corner nursery. That's what we have too, with our youngest. She still co-sleeps most of the time so it wouldn't make sense to waste space by letting her have her own entire room. It works for us. :)The gift ideas are also really cute. Luckily I have 2 girls so whatever I buy either one of them can play with. I do want a boy eventually though. ;)xo, Sarah

  4. says

    I hear ya! No need for them to have their own room until they're actually using it :)

  5. says

    this is great–I remember sometimes my sister and I would fight over presents when we were really young and one of us got something the other wanted. My mom started getting us the same things after awhile :P