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I’m sure it’s going to be a pretty lovely Wednesday. I mean, it’s June 29th and the weather is going to reach a high of 64 degrees. Yay for summer in the Northwest! It’s also my Mama’s birthday today! She’s spending it on the road with my Pa and 2 sisters heading to my baby […]

Links to Love

We aren’t even discussing night weaning yet, but when we do, I’m all over this book! A news break in research linking autism and vaccines. It’s important to remember there is alot of money being exchanged in the world of vaccine production and advertisement. I hate to be blunt, but do your research before you […]

Guest Post: Vaccine Policy

Before Jemma arrived I did a significant amount of research on vaccinations. Much of it is available here. As a part of my research I asked my dear friend, Tishra of the The Beeson Beat, to share her perspective. Tishra is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Health Policy at George Washington University in Washington D.C. […]