Hair Drama + Hair Happiness

Our family is officially in hair crisis. Here is the breakdown …
  • Dominic – Poor guy is losing his hair :( I unpacked our framed photo boxes from the move and when you compare his 2006 hair (our dating/engagement year) to now there is a stark contrast. He jokes about wanting hair surgery all the time, but we both know it’s only a matter of time before we experiment with a buzz cut or a full shave.
  • Gretchen – Feeling real shy about finding a new hair dresser and thus taking the plunge into my short ‘do. The good news is, since I’ll be cutting off so much I’m to donate it to Locks of Love. This will be my second Locks of Love donation – my sister and I both donated 10 inch ponytails when we were in grade school!
  • Jemma – Sweet girl has a funky cowlick around her bangs and also has quite wavy hair. Instead of trimming her bangs again which is a near death crisis for her I think we’re just going to grow them out. I bought her some cute little claw clips for the grow out stage and we’ve actually managed a few decent hair days since we’ve started pulling them back.
  • Max – Cry a big long river! He got his first full haircut yesterday and I seriously tear up every time I look at him. It’s a little spiky on top and all trimmed around his ears and he just looks so grown up. I can hardly take it! He did such a good job sitting on my lap and staring at his cute self in the mirror. But ohmygoodness, I can’t wait for it to grow out and be baby hair again! 
So, with all this frettin’ about hair, I’m happy to say that one REALLY good thing has happened to us in the hair department. And that’s the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer by HANA Salon from Misikko

You guys, I kind of thought a fancy schmancy hair dryer was silly, but no. No, siree. It is not. In fact, it’s a genius thing. And it’s Italian which always goes over well in our family. What can I say? We love our meatballs and Italian designed hair equipment. We’ve all used it over the last month and not only does it dry my hair faster, it dries it smoother. And that is saying quite a bit from the Queen of Hair Volume. Plus, this is the only hair dryer Max hasn’t been scared of which is great because really, who likes to dry their hair with a sweet baby screaming in the background. Not I. Not. I. Totally ruins the peace that the white noise of a hair dryer creates.

 Feel free to ignore my cheesy grin and messy bathroom. 
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Best of all, I feel like I took a real step into adulthood when I ditched my $16 Wal-Mart hair dryer that let off a faint burning smell every time I fired her up. So, at 26 1/2 (today’s my half birthday!) I’ve made a little headway into being a real, true grown up. Next up, a straightener upgrade :)  
P.S. The HANAair is the best professional hair dryer I’ve experienced and would totally make a great gift! Think Mother’s Day! Your birthday! Anniversary! It’s something us mamas use so often, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment. And if you use the promo code Misikko you can get $35 off and any purchase of $135 or more.
This post was brought to you by the lovely team at Misikko. I did not receive any compensation, but was sent a HANAair hair dryer for review. My words are my own and I truly fell in love with this product – hence my raving to you about it. I truly appreciate when you choose to support my blog and the sponsors I work with. Thanks a million!
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  1. Breenah says

    You have SO MUCH hair! I think I could do every hair treatment known to man and still never grow that much. It's so pretty, too!

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    It's totally genetic – my mom and sisters both have massive amounts of hair too, lol!

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