Chop Chop

The winds of change.
They’ve been blowing around here for quite some time (new baby, new town, new church, new house, new … I’m sure something else is on the horizon!). So, rather than push all the changes and newness away because golly they are getting kind of annoying I’m making a conscience effort to embrace it all. The up and down, to and fro, the unknown, the “what could possibly happen next?’ – it’s all mine for the taking! Wow, I’m in an optimistic mood for a Monday! Praise the Lord for fresh starts and renewed hearts!
So, on to some personal changes … I haven’t had short(er) hair since I was pregnant with Jemma. Since then, I’ve kept it long and it has served my mama role well. Long hair is the true love of a busy mom. Or one who fully embraces the styles and options for three (or four) day old hair :)
But, I’ve been swooning over the long bob look and just might take the plunge. I feel a little reluctant, I mean, my long hair is great for styling or for throwing up in a 2 second messy bun, but it just seems time for a change. I’ve been going back and forth between getting a clean up trim and a shorter look for a few weeks and figured it was time I got some input from you all!
These are the inspiration photos I would take to my hair girl Jenny if I opt to go short …
All photos compliments of Pinterest, sources are all linked on my Style File board

And, for reference, here’s a flashback to my February 2010 short hair …
What do you say? Go short or for heaven’s sake stop rockin’ the boat with change and stick with long hair until things settle down here for more than a month or two?
P.S. Google Reader is going away!?!?! I’m sure you’ve heard, but I’ll be honest it didn’t shake me much. Only because it was one of my unspoken New Year’s Resolutions to make the jump to Bloglovin’. So, I can tell ya’ll that I’ve been over for a few months and I LOVE IT! You can follow me over there by clickin’ here :)
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  1. Rebekah Amador says

    Short hair is SOO pretty on you! (So is long hair…but….) A change of hair makes a girl just FEEL better!

  2. Mallory says

    You totally have the volume to be able to pull any of these off!