Croup is Crap & Other Random Thoughts

I barely slept Friday night. I suspected my poor baby had croup. First thing Saturday morning I called our doctor. Their website said Saturdays were reserved for urgent pediatric appointments. After speaking with the snarkiest receptionist ever who didn’t care that my 4 month old was having a hard time breathing, I found an urgent care near us. And, yes, I’m definitely switching doctors. This was the last straw. I have some kind of drama every time I call or visit this particular office. Dom and I waited and waited at urgent care. Because that’s what you do. The urgent care doctor listened to poor Max’s labored breathing and sent us straight to the emergency room.
During the ER waiting game, Dom rocked the Ergo — Daddy style
We played the waiting game again and after a less than pleasant nasal swab, ruled out RSV and influenza. Croup it is. Mama knew it! A steroid drop put Max on the mend. At home we took a warm bath and snuggled into bed. I konked out with him at 8pm and only had to get up twice to soothe his barky coughs. Sickness is the pits. And croup is crap. I rock alliteration.
Among other things …
Dare I jump on board a photo challenge, I’m going to try!
I love this mama’s perspective on the new year.
I heart birth stories – Melody & Phoebe’s is no exception.
Someday I’m gonna try and make one of these – adding to the bucket list now.
Totally doing this on Jemma’s next birthday.
Every day I try to be a more gentle parent – these are some of my new favorite TANGIBLE ideas to make that happen.
Have you ever printed Instagram photos? I want too, but can’t decide on a place yet. Ideas?
Later this week, I’ll be sharing my first Stitch Fix box. So good. Like great.
Have a blender? Make this soup.
Alrighty. I’m off to get some shut eye. When the wee ones are sick you never know when duty will call! Nights like tonight I’m so thankful for cold steam vaporizers, cosleeping, and babies and toddlers who wake up smiling every morning … no matter what the previous night held.
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  1. says

    Croup is really the worst. I'm sorry. We have ended up in the hospital dealing with it many, many times. And yes, you need a new pediatrician! One thing that is absolutely true is that a doctor is only worth as much as his front office. If you can't get to the doctor, or if you can't get paperwork or prescriptions or whatever else you need because the office staff sucks, that awesome doctor doesn't do you a bit of good. I hope you find a better one soon!

  2. Krista Bandy says

    This is really sad. I hope that little baby of yours gets better soon and you get rest! I've been up with Lola almost every night, but it's because of her teeth! I too need to switch doctors. The wait time is out of control with children and the front office isn't the best.

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  4. Nessa Bixler says

    Glad he is on the mend… and nothing better than a linky list to keep me busy while holding my own sleeping croupy baby boy.

  5. ThatMamaGretchen says

    This croup needs to leave our babies alone! Hope your family is on the mend ASAP!

  6. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Uh, teeth are so hard :(Best wishes on finding a new doctor – I got right on it this week and have Max's follow up appointment from the ER with a new one. Hoping it goes well!

  7. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Found a new doctor this week and have heard GREAT things about the nurse that works with her. And, while the office gal was figuring out our insurance she had to call me back, and actually did! So far so good! This croup thing is the pits – I don't wish it on anyone! Hoping it isn't a frequent illness for us, although, my husband remembers having it often as a kid, so it could be in our genes :(

  8. says

    Awesome on the new doctor! Decidedly uncool on the family history with croup. My younger son has gotten it often, and still does at age 6. That's led to a recent diagnosis of asthma, which explains a lot at least. Fortunately, in most cases, croup is just a short-term symptom and not indicative of anything more than a small frame cause, well, they're babies. I hope he's feeling better soon!

  9. Claire says

    The link to the soup doesn't work! I want to see what soup I can make in my blender! :-P

  10. says

    I love using postalpix app to print my instagram photos. They print in a few different sizes and its easy to choose and pay right from your phone.

  11. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Ooo, I need to check that out! Thanks for the tip!

  12. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Just downloaded this app – can't wait to order some pics! Thanks for the suggestion :)