Homeschooler’s Guide To Awesome Bible Lessons

Hey, hey! How about a homeschool update/round up? Homeschooling has become such a huge part of our lives! Two kids has ramped things up like, WOAH. School work and school prep and field trips and my attempts at keeping learning fun gets most of my focus during the day. It’s a lot of work and a lot […]

Praying Out Loud

Continuing a little Instagram convo here … There are miracles happening every day. Watch for them, expect them. If our prayers aren’t impossible, do we really have faith? Living like this is balm for weary hearts. He. Is. Good. Daily I say it out loud, I pray it deep in my soul, because in the midst of […]

The Better Question — What Can I Give?

Dear Lord, give me strength. Give me patience. Give me calm. Give me health. Help Max to listen. Make Reid take a solid morning nap. Help me to prioritize and be productive. Patience too, did I mention that? I need patience. Big time. These are the words that shuffle through my mind and off my lips most […]

When They’re Not Perfect

Perfect probably isn’t the right word. But, when your baby is born a parent’s hope is ultimate health. That complete health often equals “perfection”. So, when something is “wrong” a piece of your heart breaks. Your child isn’t whole, something is amiss, you have decisions to make, and a future to consider. You are filled […]

Grace Upon Grace

9:38pm. Deep breaths. Two children down. One to go. Tomorrow’s clothes are laid out. Kids hair is washed. The vacuum is running. Thank you Jesus for Roomba! I sway and hum to our favorite sleepy song. I squeeze Reid a little tighter. My darling little one. He sighs and draws closer to my chest; to […]

If Not

bracelet here Daniel 3:18. Really, the whole third chapter of Daniel has been on/in/everywhere in my heart lately. That phrase “IF NOT” flows so well with the story of Daniel and his companions. And it transcends time. Because 2600 years later, it’s speaking loud and clear to me. 16 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego replied to him, […]

Peace, Quiet and Folding

Last week I was sitting on the floor of the laundry room. Four loads were piled in front of me, overflowing from their basket, in what we like to call “the laundry mountain”. It’s big and gnarly and appears to be a lot of work to restore it to folded order so rest assured, my friends, I’m […]

Meet the Deklan Bump!

I left out the most important part of our Lubbock adventures because it deserved a post all of its own. And no, the title of this post has nothing to do with a Gretchen baby bump. No, no, no – not yet! It does have everything to do with the little miracle that is my […]

Hello 28

Well, hello there 28. You’ve been super swell. Like, the real kind of fine. I’m just a week in and I think you’ll be a good year. No where near those early 20 wandering years and just bumping up on the, well … hey there, 30! I see you coming ’round the bend! I’m not […]

Max’s Surgery Anniversary

Two months before Max’s surgery our dear photographer took lifestyle portraits of Max. To this day, they’re still some of my favorites. Probably always will be because I am a sappy, lovey mama who thinks her children are adorably perfect and sweet. Every inch of them! I had always been protective of Max’s extra thumb, […]