The Big Move

Yesterday morning I left one home and after work I drove to my new home. Our entire life had been loaded into a truck and off we went on another crazy moving adventure. Throughout the day my mom sent me picture updates while I was at work so I could stay involved in the process. Here is a glimpse of the big move …

Dominic making calls to all the utility companies … lovely kitchen in the background

Dominic thought he was super clever when he labeled this box … he must thing I have a problem with shoes :)

G’Pa setting up baby’s adorable crib

The awesome Dads got straight to work with a little front yard weeding
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  1. says

    Love the kitchen, the crib, and the fact that you didn't have to participate in the move! I can't wait to see pics when you are settled. I left you a bloggy award. I'm not sure if you have it already, but at least you know I was thinkin' of ya!