Rain = Screamin’ Deals

Yesterday we ventured out in the pouring rain for some mad garage sales. We left with 2 bins of clothes, a butterfly play mat, toys, puzzles and a pair of Gor-Tex work boots for Dominic.
Can you say score-o-rama?
Here’s a touch of our favorites :)

At one stop Dominic found a plethora of awesome boys clothes. Couldn’t pass up this little summer outfit … complete with Tommy Hilfiger deck shoes. We got a whole handful of things in perfect condition – coats, shoes, polos, pants, jeans and more, like 30 items. All for $25.

I remember having one of these when I was little. Now my little one will have one. Cost me $1. That’s right uno dinero.

Dominic is super against 2 piece swimsuits. I think, he thinks they are hoochy. He doesn’t want our little girl to fall into that category. But, I forced him to let me get this Gap swimsuit … couldn’t say no for 50 cents.

This is crazy.
These are Calypso infant blouses.
Tags still attached.
Marked $60 and $95.
I paid 50 cents a piece and felt slightly guilty for getting such a deal.

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