garden beauties | biscotti & decaf snack | new mama bag | my view looking down Enjoying … the last days of pregnancy. Everywhere I go people ask how I’m doing. But it’s not like, “How is your day?” It’s more like, “HOW … ARE … YOU … DOING?” with a sly smile and a […]

Our Cozy Corner

Last month Dominic, Jemma, and I moved into my parent’s home. Since we’re in the midst of buying property to build, they so graciously offered up their spare room as our transition space. Initially, we thought we would be here for 3-4 months. But, thanks to the lovely county dragging out some details on the […]

Slow as a Snail With a Dash of Decor Inspiration

Back in April I was super stoked because it looked like the county was on our side and we would be moving ahead with the house in no time at all. Did you catch that … BACK IN APRIL. It’s July now. JULY! The county has decided that we need to file a full application […]

And … DONE!

It’s 10:30 pm. Dominic just got home from the big move day. We were up at 6:09 am this morning. Talk about a long day! my handsome hubby in his worker man carhartts | ready to load | 26 feet of life | the mama all ready for the caravan north The U-Haul got packed, […]

Girl of the Forest

Jemma Pie … You melt my heart. Freakin’ melt it. Everyday. But especially this day. Decked out in your denim and moccasins I couldn’t help but squeeze you a little tighter. How is my baby such a big girl? Your smile fills the room in an extraordinary way. Or should I say, it fills the […]

Property Visit & Order Details

So … the county has everything they need for the setback adjustment and we’re just waiting on the official word/documentation that we’re good to go. Once that is complete we’ll move ahead with the septic design and excavation. As I mentioned, on Easter we visited the property again and I couldn’t help but take another […]

Dreaming of This House

We got the go-ahead from the county to have the property setback adjusted to 50 feet. WOOHOO! It will cost $1500 in paperwork (seriously), but at least we’re moving forward! Since things are progressing and I have the plans to swoon over I’ve been taking little walks through the house. Our home. These walks aren’t […]

Dear County, Let’s Be Friends

Uh … we’ve run into a few obstacles with our beloved property :( When we were marching around in the woods earlier this month we saw markers for 50 foot setbacks, turns out those expired a few years back and there are actually 100 foot setbacks on the property. A hundred feet makes the lot […]

We Have Land!

 I’m brimming with excitement … WE HAVE LAND FOR OUR HOUSE! Here’s how it happened. I posted awhile back about how I was getting discouraged about not finding property. A good friend saw my post and told me that a piece of property across the street from her house in a lovely little neighborhood had […]