Dear County, Let’s Be Friends

Uh … we’ve run into a few obstacles with our beloved property :(

When we were marching around in the woods earlier this month we saw markers for 50 foot setbacks, turns out those expired a few years back and there are actually 100 foot setbacks on the property. A hundred feet makes the lot un-buildable. Good news is, we very well might be able to have to 50 foot setback reestablished with the county. It’s just some paperwork and finding the right people to approve it. Here’s to hoping!

On a happy note … we received a $2,800 credit from the bank on the property price since we’re having to do some special things with the water. That puts our lot that was appraised for $56,000 a few years back at a whopping $19,200!

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  1. says

    Oh praying for you and that all things fall into place!