Dreaming of This House

We got the go-ahead from the county to have the property setback adjusted to 50 feet. WOOHOO! It will cost $1500 in paperwork (seriously), but at least we’re moving forward!

Since things are progressing and I have the plans to swoon over I’ve been taking little walks through the house. Our home. These walks aren’t real yet, they are in my mind. Usually as I’m falling asleep or browsing Pinterest. But soon, it will be real and I can’t wait! I can’t wait to decorate, to settle my children into their rooms, to make dinner in my kitchen, to landscape our wooded sanctuary. It is going to be lovely.

I’ve been collecting so many pictures of things I love …

Stamped concrete like this for the back patio

Color scheme like this for the outside of the house

We’re hoping to buy a new kitchen table and I’d love to have mis-matched chairs like this
I already have red and teal accessories for my kitchen … I’m hoping to whip up some sweet curtains like this to match. And, we just decided on white shaker style cabinets for the kitchen and built-ins.
Jemma will be getting her very own floor bed
What a sweet snuggle corner!
Source: etsy.com via Gretchen on Pinterest
Definitely creating a reading space in the little’s play room

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  1. says

    gage's bed is on the floor too. and with as many times as he's rolled out of it in the night, i can't imagine having a real bed frame for him at all.

  2. Livinmjsdream says

    I completely get it. We are currently in the process of building a house and I take pretend walks thought it all the time. Congrats on getting things moving :)

  3. says

    Love the colors – and what great colors. SO glad you got the setback adjusted!

  4. says

    LOVE all those ideas! I've pinned the exact same shelves as in the READ picture on my Pinterest for use in Joe's room ;) . . . I'm loving that yellow on the wall, too. Oh, and the stamped concrete is awesome!

  5. Jeni says

    Fun! Especially love the stamped patio, I have that one on my Pinterest too and have dreams of destroying our ugly (plain) cement patio and replacing it with something just like that.