We Have Land!

 I’m brimming with excitement … WE HAVE LAND FOR OUR HOUSE!

Here’s how it happened. I posted awhile back about how I was getting discouraged about not finding property. A good friend saw my post and told me that a piece of property across the street from her house in a lovely little neighborhood had just gone up for sale! FOR REAL???

We did all the preliminary research and decided to place an offer before actually seeing the property. We are two hours away from our build location and since we were down with the nasty cold bug and it was the middle of the week we just couldn’t make the drive, but didn’t want to miss out. My Dad scoped it out for us and all looked well, so we wrote up the offer, and sent it in with all our hopes and prayers.

The property is .56 acres and is bank owned. It is densely wooded with a creek running through the back corner. Pretty much a beautiful, serene landscape for a home. It was listed at $30,000 and we riskily offered a mere $22,000.

We waited and waited and waited. A total of about 18 hours :) And then, the bank called with a terrific, “YES!” Our offer was accepted and we were set to move forward with feasibility studies.

Just because our offer was accepted doesn’t make it a done deal though. This house stuff is way more complicated than find land and start building. We have 30 days to research if the property will truly work out. Of course, I’m fully planning on it :) But, we need the real thumbs up from Mr. Septic and Mr. Excavator right now.

On Thursday we met with our build team from Adair, Mr. Septic, and Mr. Excavator … along with my dear friend who will be my bestest neighbor if all comes together! Everyone fell in love with the property, especially the babbling creek that we’ll be able to hear from our back windows. Both my dad (who is part of our Adair team) and a few others were actually jealous of the lot – it’s that beautiful and perfect and everything we have dreamed of.

Some of my favorites features …

  • The creek – It’s absolutely beautiful and makes the most lovely sound
  • Wooded area – I grew up in the woods and love that cozy feeling trees create
  • Neighborhood – It’s about 15 minutes from town and very calm and quiet, plus we already know one of our neighbors :)
  • Playground – Three houses down there is a fantastic playground, covered party area, and field

We paid Mr. Septic to start update the septic plan and get things approved with the county. There is an old Glendon plan in place, but turns out we will be able to design a less expensive system. We then spent about 2 hours talking through and staking the house placement. Next step is to determine what trees stay and which ones go, then Mr. Excavator will begin moving and smoothing dirt.

If we stay on track, it looks like we’ll be breaking ground near the end of April!

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  1. Lauren Kreyling says

    That is so exciting! The plot looks beautiful and I am so jealous of your creek!!

  2. Rebekah says

    This is sooo exciting for you and your family!! I'm thrilled for you and am loving watching your beautiful journey unfold. The little playground looks like so much fun!


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