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Our 2018-2019 School Year Family Read Aloud Books

After stumbling across the Read Aloud Revival blog and podcast and reading Read Aloud Family I knew we needed to read more books together. We have gobs of books. And the kids are always reading or listening. But all of us together? It wasn’t a frequent practice. Read Aloud Revival convinced me that nothing but […]

Our Last Day of School

I shared this photo and caption on Instagram, but wanted to chronicle our last day of school here too … and add a little about the big kids as they wrap up kindergarten and second grade! How’s this for a class photo 😂 Our family’s third year homeschooling is complete and we are knee deep […]

The Most Mom Friendly Jumpsuit Ever

First, would you look at that fence?!? Dominic is making so much headway! This week, I suspect, I’ll be able to open the back door and let the kids run free without worry that they’ll take off on a too far away adventure :) Now, on to this fabulous little number from Old Navy! I […]

This + That

I counted my dahlias tonight … nine are popping through! Eek! It’s going to be a colorful summer! Until blooms begin, we’ve been embracing a little woodland whimsy style with some forest-y bouquets. Pretty pretty, right? Since it’s almost June, I scrolled through my recent saves and pulled together a bundle of this and that […]

Mother’s Day Wish Granted

I told these sweet little goons that my greatest wish for Mother’s Day was to have them give me real smiles in a photo of just them and I. And they did just that!!! I love how their personalities shine through. Jemma with her endless joy, Max’s surprise silliness, followed by Reid mimicking his own […]

Five Favorites

For Mother’s Day we took the kids on their longest hike yet – 4.25 miles! They were troopers! That’s a long way for little ones … and a long way for this mama tote hefty Eli! We’ve spent the week since laying pretty low. I caught up on work, they caught up on end of […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

With little ones it’s not always easy to have a relaxing Mother’s Day, so, instead of longing for a spa day or time alone, I’ve given up the idea of peace and quiet and most years opt for fun and adventure! This year, we’re taking the ferry to the San Juan Islands and I can’t […]

This + That

Holler friends! Happy spring! We have six weeks left of our school year and I confess, I’m counting down the days. We have so much fun coming this summer and I’m ready for the SUNSHINE. We’ve got some major house projects in the works too. I know, I know … the never-ending story around here. […]

What Books To Read When You Finish “Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons”

Jem somehow taught herself to read. We dabbled in Bob Books and then overnight she was blowing through chapter books like Little House on the Prairie. I honestly don’t know what happened. So, with Max in kindergarten this year, I had my first opportunity to actually teach a child to read. We opted to begin Teach Your […]

Salmon Cheese Ball

Dominic has been following a keto diet since the beginning of the year. He’s down almost 30 pounds and I’m so proud of his commitment to healthy choices. I need to support him in finding and making more keto-friendly recipes and have intentions to do much better … starting with this salmon cheese ball! Isn’t […]