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Jemma’s Pumpkin Oatmeal Cream Pies

You guys, I’m so excited to welcome my daughter, Jemma, as a guest author on my blog! For those of you who have been around since the beginning of That Mama Gretchen you’ll understand how surreal this is. I started blogging when I was pregnant with her as a way to keep my mom and […]

Happy Birthday, Eli!

Today’s post is written in collaboration with Kronolo-G. My not so little Eli turned two on the 15th! TWO! How the days turn into months turn into years I’ll just never fully grasp. Wasn’t he born just yesterday?!? Every day is an adventure with this sweet guy, some more tantrum-filled if I’m being honest, but […]

Chili Lime Corn on the Cob

A girl cannot live on corn alone … or can she? With local corn in full harvest right now we have been serving it up multiple times a week. There is just nothing like fresh corn on the cob! Sometimes we grill it, sometimes we smear my sister-in-law’s famous mayo spread on it, and sometimes […]

This + That

This is pretty much the story of my life ^^^ trying lots of things, being OK at some and awful at others … all while embracing the experience. In a world where it is so easy to compare ourselves to the best of the best, it’s mighty fine to just do and be and try. […]

The Homeschool Books That Encourage My Mama Heart

Although I feel more confident in my role as a homeschooling mama, I also feel like I have so much more to learn. So, I read and ruminate and let these mentor friend authors that I’ve never met speak to my heart. This year I’m embarking on my fourth year of homeschooling and I’m adding […]

Blackberry Cobbler

We rolled in from Glacier on Saturday (can’t wait to share about our trip!) and immediately had to harvest all the things. Garden goodies, flowers, and gobs of blackberries. We ate a cup or two while picking – aren’t hot summer berries fresh off the bush just the best? – and then put four cups […]

How I’m Simplifying Our Back To School Routine

This post is sponsored by Danimals but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. I love the changing of seasons. I’ve shared this before, haven’t I? Well, it’s true. I love when I turn the calendar and I know summer has arrived. All the adventures it will bring. Lazy days. Warm nights. Lots […]

Read This If You Or Your Child Have Long Hair

It’s been a month now since I chopped off my super long hair! I knew it was time for a trim, but it seemed silly to take off a few inches when I could go a little bit shorter and donate to Children With Hair Loss. So, I did! Thirteen inches … GONE! This is […]

This + That

I mean, that ^^^ is good, right? The perfect way to start the week … PAUSE, WAIT, TAKE IN, SLOW SAVOR. It speaks to my enneagram 1 heart. The summer tends to bring extra help my way. Thank you grandparents! So I’m intentionally scheduling as much one on one time with the kids as I […]

My Love Hate Relationship With Pumping

This post is in partnership with Aeroflow Breastpumps. I have a love hate relationship with pumping. There, I said it. No reason to sugar coat one of the less glamorous parts of motherhood, right? I mean, don’t we all hate being milked? I love that I have the opportunity to nourish my baby and maintain […]