Gift Guide Especially For Boys

Around here birthday season rolls into Christmas and with five kids – four of which are boys – I feel like I’m constantly on the lookout for the perfect gift.

For us, the perfect gift consists of something both useful and fun, something that sparks imaginative and activity, and something that can be used by multiple ages. Longevity is key!

Now, of course, all these things can be used and loved by boys and girls. It’s just my current experience – ALL THINGS BOY – means they’ve been the ones I’ve tested these particular recommendations with.

Ready for some fabulous, tried and true toy and activity gifts? I, and the self-proclaimed Wild Bros, are excited to share!

Everything Under the Sun

Everything Under the Sun has the best collection of fun facts – one for each day of the year! Things like “How do mermaids pee?” and “Why do we have to sleep?” … all sorts of things boys (and girls too!) might wonder.

Dino Dig VR

Max and I read a bunch of reviews before landing on this fossil build set. Dino Dig VR was such a hit, and a great price point! The VR component actually worked (a bit to my surprise) and both Max’s brothers were jonesing to get in on the action.

There is also a Volcano VR variation!

Kids First Intro to Tools and Building

As much as I love to get real tools in the boys’ hands sometimes we need a clean and tidy version to stretch those building skills at the kitchen table. The Kids First Intro to Tools and Building does just that! Time to stretch those little engineer minds … build on boys!

The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal

Trust, this is the best $7 you’ll spend! A perfect “card” (just add an “I’m grateful for you” on the inside), mini gift, or stuffer. The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal for Kids is quick, easy, and a meaningful opportunity for reflection.

Writings From the Wild

Do you have an animal lover? I sure do! Writings from the Wild is a letter subscription service – just $6 a month – that debuts a new, surprise animal each month in a gorgeously designed letter. If a subscription isn’t your thing you can also choose from past letters.

If you have a kiddo who is more geography inclined there is a similar subscription we love called Letters From Afar. Highly recommend both.

Creatto Sabertooth + Ferocious Friends Light-Up 3D Puzzle

If you have a Lego lover stretch that interest with the Creatto Sabertooth + Ferocious Friends Light-Up 3D Puzzle. I do recommend watching a YouTube video for assemble versus following the paper instructions, but when you’re done – WOW! This project is so cool to display and it can be redone from a sabertooth to a rhino head to a mammoth to an elasmosaurus! So ferocious, so fun!

Mini Yoto Player

We LOVE our mini Yoto Player! From bedtime music to read alouds to our daily check-in with Yoto Daily, I promise, this is THE gift that will bring smiles to each family member’s face.

Get 10% off your first $70 purchase directly from Yoto.

Keen Speed Hounds Sneakers

Ya’ll these shoes have bike treads which makes then super durable! All my kids hiked, ran, climbed, and adventured in their Speed Hounds this summer and other than a little dust (hello national parks!) they look brand spankin’ new. Keen shoes have always been a win when it comes to durability, but this design is truly top notch.

Magneto Skateboard

I saved the best for last … the Magneto Skateboard! This board was designed especially for kids who are just starting out and includes hip designs without sacrificing quality. Check out Reid in action here :)

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