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39 Weeks

How far along: 39 weeks on the dot Gender: A big ol’ bundle of boy! Weight gain: It’s to the point where I don’t feel like myself. A big part of it has to be the summer heat and how swollen my feet and legs are. I’m +45 pounds or so and that sounds like a beast to […]


Jemma’s Nanea Inspired Paper Hawaiian Lei DIY

Aloha, Nanea! We’ve been anticipating your arrival, and girl, you were worth the wait! From the historical Pearl Harbor scene to the comfort of Jemma’s room, welcome! Yes, it’s true – American Girl has launched a new BeForever doll, Nanea Mitchell, a Hawaiian-American 9-year-old who lives in Hawaii during a pivotal time in American history, 1941. […]

IMG_0766 2

Five Favorites

Five favorites on a late night Friday … I ordered a new phone case to pair with the nifty air vent magnet holder thingamajig Dominic bought me (“because it’s so great and I really want my wife to have it!”).  Can I get a hooray for multi-age level games? This Camp Board Game has question […]


Where There Is Fear, Find Faith

It’s no secret that I dislike giving birth. Pregnancy is generally pretty great (although the lack of ankles I’m dealing with right now are less than pleasant) and the mass rush of love once baby is in my arms is pure perfection, but the unknown hours of labor and the whole “giant baby coming out […]


An Easy, Protein-Packed Lunch For Busy Moms

  It’s a common occurrence that Max starts hustling for lunch as soon as I’ve wrapped up the breakfast dishes. Reid quickly follows suite. I usually try to stall them with an activity and set the timer so they can see countdown to a snack. But then, you guessed it, once that final bite of […]


Max’s Big Brother Babymoon

You didn’t think Jemma was the only one getting a babymoon, did you? Nope! Max got one too! Jemma remembers Reid’s birth and early days pretty vividly. Max doesn’t recall much. But this baby? This is his baby. As a brand new 5 year old, Max dotes on Reid and knows he is a big brother, but […]


This + That

Have you read this ^^^? I’m about halfway done and really enjoying it. Raw and messy and beautiful, just like motherhood. I’ve been on a roll of staying up mega late (like 2am and then listening to an audiobook to drift off). Naturally, I’m a night owl, but having birthed two early birds, often, I […]

Back To School Favorites For Homeschoolers

Back To School Favorites … For Homeschoolers!

In addition to being in baby mode around here, we’re also in back to school mode! This year Jemma begins 1st grade and Max is starting Pre-K. No doubt, September will be busy around here! We all love the structure of the school year, but more than anything I’m aiming to grow their love of […]

35 weeks

35 Weeks

Max snapped my photo at the state park yesterday while I hobbled around trying not to lose my footing. He turns 5 this week and I can hardly believe that 5 years ago I was just days away from birthing a 10 pound, 4 ounce little boy … and now he’s just. so. big. And awesome. […]