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Week of the Amazing Aunts – Katie

Katie and her skydiving trainerYou can visit Katie’s blog here. I’m telling you baby, you have a fun aunt waiting for you to arrive! Your Aunt Katie skydives, rock climbs, participates in the January Ice Plunge, slacklines, bowls, and runs in the rain for fun. If I’m not something, your Aunt Katie will fill in […]

Baby Sleep Sacks

Whether a SIDS deterrent or just a cute nightgown I am all about baby sleep sacks. Can you say adorable? Maryjane Sleep Sack, available on Kim Scherer’s Etsy site Aden +Anais has some sweet ones too. Supposedly only available online and specialty stores, but I just spied some at Target, both online and in the […]

Shave or Suck In?

Every morning I have a dilemma. I can either shave my legs and wear a comfy dress/elastic waist skirt or spend my day sucking myself into a pair of tiny-around-the-waist pants. If I ruled the world, I would avoid both options and wear yoga pants. But, alas, I do not rule the world and yoga […]