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    Congratulations on your new arrival, she is lovely! Good luck in these first few new weeks, they are some of the best and most trying. Hope you all get some rest :)

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    Congrats on the birth of Jemma! She is just perfect. You must be so proud!! Now get some rest mama, you will need it. You have many precious moments to be enjoyed and treasured. Soak it all in and sear them in your memory!! x

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    Congratulations!! She is beautiful! Looking forward to hearing about your experience and seeing pictures of your new little one!

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    Congratulations Gretchen! She's beautiful! I can't wait to see more pictures and read about your birth experience. She's a miracle and a blessing from God!

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    She is PERFECT. I'm sooo happy for you. I actually started crying when I saw the pics on Facebook. HAHAHAH!! I know, I know… I'm overly sentimental sometimes. ;) I just can't believe you're a mommy.. and she's so beautiful.

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    I miss just a few days on the blog and I see this!!! Congrats girl!!! So excited you had a little girl and I love the name. I hope you are resting and doing well. I can't wait to follow on the new posts featuring baby Jemma. XO