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About Me

I finally wrote the About Me section up top.So, if you’ve been following along and have yet to put the pieces of my topsy turvy life together it is worth a quick read.


When Baby Eats

I pretty much have the menu for baby’s first 6-9 months figured out (breastmilk), but after that I feel like I am tossed into a whirlwind of choices. What to foods to start with and when … When to introduce new things … The organic dilemma … Avoiding choking hazards … {fear ensues} All while […]

Is decaf a sin?

In the first few months of pregnancy I struggled to drink my recommended 80 ounces of water. Don’t get me wrong, I love water. It is my beverage of choice most days, but 80 ounces … that is alot. 22 weeks in, I’ve got it down to a science and have started to incorporate other […]


Dominic Meets Famous Daves

I signed up for every birthday freebie in the book and we were able to cash in fast with Dominic’s 24th birthday last week. So, off we went to Famous Dave’s, a new BBQ place (or at least new to us). I had some awful nachos :( But, Dominic loved his BBQ plate. I tried […]

Our family is flying to a new nest

We were approved for the house we applied for last Friday!!! They are negotiable on move in date so we are still working on that … sometime in June. YEAH! Some of my favorite things about our new pad … Newer home with lots of energy efficient features 3 big, georgeous bedrooms (master has vaulted […]

Why I love Monday holidays

Monday holidays are few and far between. I know I’m not really the one who should complain since I have every Friday off, but still … I yearn for 4-day weekend with a passion.I don’t want to downplay the reason for the holiday. I am genuinely thankful for the men and women who have sacrificed […]

La Leche League

Permission to Mother got me thinking about breastfeeding support. I immediately thought about the La Leche League and decided to check out their website. (What would I do without internet searches?) The LLL has monthly meetings close by and encourage mothers-to-be to attend. I have a different commitment this month, but plan to go to […]


Week of the Amazing Aunts – Hannah

Hannah doing her stylin’ thing, downtown Olympia You can read Hannah’s blog here. I was 5 years old when Hannah was in utero. This same year brought about my first meltown … or at least the first one I vividly remember. Mom and I were at Fred Meyer standing the check out line when she […]