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Frog Prince

Leah and I ran across this pattern on Sunday and just couldn’t say no! I ordered it and Leah has already begun to work her magic … can’t wait to see the final product! I’m sure it’s going to be my little one’s favorite toy :)


Meant to be?

Back ’round week 12 of pregnancy (ions ago, I know) I was sure as sureness can get that I was going to have a designer diaper bag. Since, I have come to grips with reality and gave myself a little pep talk. It went like this: “Girlfriend, you like to switch your bags too often […]


Weekend Wrap Up

We’ve been spending our weekends in Olympia for the last while. My parents recently built a house which consisted of some mega painting projects, the actual move, decorating and this weekend’s project … SOD! And yes, that is me overseeing Dominic’s expert sod-laying skills :) Between sod-laying and rain showers (thank the Lord for helping […]

The story on big families

I have an awesome friend who is expecting her 7th child. She is an amazing mother who loves her children like crazy and has raised them to be independent thinkers white contributing to society in a postive way. She is like my big sister in many ways and guess what, just like all little sisters […]

About Me

I finally wrote the About Me section up top.So, if you’ve been following along and have yet to put the pieces of my topsy turvy life together it is worth a quick read.


When Baby Eats

I pretty much have the menu for baby’s first 6-9 months figured out (breastmilk), but after that I feel like I am tossed into a whirlwind of choices. What to foods to start with and when … When to introduce new things … The organic dilemma … Avoiding choking hazards … {fear ensues} All while […]

Is decaf a sin?

In the first few months of pregnancy I struggled to drink my recommended 80 ounces of water. Don’t get me wrong, I love water. It is my beverage of choice most days, but 80 ounces … that is alot. 22 weeks in, I’ve got it down to a science and have started to incorporate other […]