When Sister Meets Sibling

Yesterday I was over at The Pierogie Mama sharing about my transition from one child to two. Here’s a little snippet: No doubt, going from one on one to being outnumbered is hard. I have shed tears, felt overwhelmed, used harsh words and collapsed at the end of the day with pure exhaustion. But over […]

GUEST POST /// Thrifting Tips From a Master

Emma from Your Fonder Heart has been a long favorite blogger of mine! She’s such a genuine spirit and is full of amazing stories about wellness, birth and one of my favorite topics, thrifting. Today she’s stopping by to share her tips and tricks for thrifting success … please help me welcome Emma! I am […]

Building a Healthcare Community

Do you see one doctor, a few or perhaps an assortment of specialists? Would you consider yourself to have a healthcare community?  It’s not something I really thought about before having a family, but since becoming a mom I’ve spent time thinking, researching and proactively working towards building such a community. I’m sharing about this […]

Crock Pot Spaghetti Sauce with Zucchini Noodles

My friend, Caitlin, is popping in today to share a fabulous recipe – I can’t wait to give it a try! She blogs over at Falling Apart With Joy and in my book, she is the crockpot expert! If you’re looking for a family-friendly meal that’s simple and easy, get your pinning fingers ready – […]

Childhood Cancer Awareness | What You Can Do

Did you all get a chance to read Gretchen and Simon’s story yesterday? Today, Gretchen is back with the real meat of childhood cancer awareness — what you and I can both do to make a difference. I read a Facebook post the other day of a mama who’s son is also going through treatment. […]

Childhood Cancer Awareness | Tales From a Cancer Mommy

Hey there friends. I hope the post title didn’t scare you off or make you click away. Let me explain the back story of how this guest post came to be and then I’ll let you read on … It’s important. Really important. After I posted about Max’s surgery and then the worry of hemihypertrophy […]

Dear Daughter

Yesterday I was over at The Boho Mama as a part of her fabulous Dear Daughter Series. I relived my bang history in a letter to Jemma – giving her a few lessons I’ve learned and promising that if she ever has a tragic hair mishap, I’ll do my best to fund the fix! Because […]

{GUEST POST} Shoe Twins

Do you ever dress yourself as a twin with your kids? I never set out with that intention, but on some days I’ll load us all in the car and realize we’re all wearing blue or beach graphics or some other match inspired outfit.  Today, Jenny is sharing a fun little post all about another […]

{GUEST POST} Confessions of An Elementary School Teacher

Leah is at it again. I pretty much stare at my inbox most of the day waiting for a fab email from her witty mind. It’s besties like her that make the rough days less rough and the good days more awesome. Today was no disappointment. – – – – – It should be noted […]

{GUEST POST} A Prayer For My Son

I think we’ve all read Tina Fey’s Prayer of a Realistic Mother, right? Oh .. you haven’t? Get on that, girl! And then, enjoy Leah’s version of a prayer for her son (and my prayer little Max too)! She whipped it up during one of her no show conferences the other week. Pure genius. And […]