When Daddy Goes On Vacation + Links to Love

Five days of single parenthood and I’m still among the living. I do not know how single mamas and dads do this around the clock. They are blessed with extra patience and courage for sure.
Now, why did Dominic go on a vacation without me, you ask?
Well, it’s quite simple. Last Fall, when the college basketball schedule came out we discovered that the Kansas Jayhawks were playing Texas Tech this January. Dominic’s brother lives in Texas so plans were made for Dominic and his bro to have a guy’s weekend surrounding the big game. 
Last Wednesday, we stayed up until midnight getting him packed. I told Dom a bazillion times to not leave packing to the last minute. But he did. And now, he swears that he’ll always follow my travel advice in the future. He’s so smart. As we zipped his suitcase I made him practice his “I’m posing with a KU player and/or Bill Self” smile. He rocked it and then, KU rocked it on Saturday because that’s how they do. And Dominic met a whole bunch of rad guys. And he smiled, which makes me smile.

While he was gone, after the munchkins were in bed, I had some extra time to catch up on my blog reading … here’s a list of my favorite links. Don’t miss out on them, they’re fab if I don’t say so myself.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and give elderberry zinc the credit for keeping croup isolated to Max. I gave Jem some in mango juice a few times each day this last week and she has stayed healthy, Praise the Lord! More natural remedies for cold and flu here.
Add Living on Love to this list and you’re set with some new reads for 2013.
The grain of the gods … spiced up!
Stop blogging for Pinterest, there are more important things in life. Can I get an amen?
Best babywearing options for newborns. So. many. options.
Be healthy. Eat this.

Have you joined Influence? I’ve been so blessed by the ladies in the forums.

L is hilarious. I adore her blog and especially this post about SAHMotherhood.

What have you read lately that has hit home?
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  1. says

    Which Influence membership do you have? I'm curious about it now!

  2. says

    Which membership do you have with Influence? I'm curious to know… I'm thinking it's time to start getting myself a little better connected, so I'm taking suggestions :)

  3. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I have the $5/month one. I'm really enjoying the forums! I haven't looked in to any of the classes yet, but the topics all look amazing! You get one class/month with the $10 option.